About this website


I’m Sandra, creator of helpwiththewashing.co.uk. Many thanks for visiting our website! 🙂

So you’re probably thinking, “Why a website on doing the washing?”. Good question!

When I was growing up, my parents ran a B & B in Devon. Between us kids and the constant stream of guests, we had to do loads of washing. And of course, yours truly had to help out.

I wouldn’t call it “Forced Labour”, but at the time it wasn’t fun. Still, I did learn (thanks to my darling mum) more than I ever wanted about getting bed sheets and linen perfect and dry in time for the next guests to arrive.

After leaving home to go to Uni, I escaped the endless dirty laundry baskets and broken clothes pegs. I was free at last!

Fast forward more than a few years and now I’m a stay-at-home mum with a two-year-old and back to washing almost every single day!

A little while ago, I was thinking about using some of the web skills I’ve picked up over the years, but couldn’t really think of a topic I either knew enough about or cared for.

Then I saw this TED video by Hans Rosling on “The Magic Washing Machine”. Give it a look – it’s great!

The video really changed my perspective and I was reminded when I visited the Philippines for my brother’s wedding.

Many houses in Manila (their biggest city) don’t have hot water and needless to say – a washing machine! It’s all done by hand and takes hours.

Compare that to the UK where 97% of us have washing machines in our own home. It’s hard for most of us to contemplate as we hot water and clean clothes for granted.

So, our aim with helpwiththewashing is to share tips and tricks that will make doing washing and drying clothes less of a chore and hopefully save a bit of money along the way!

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This does not affect our editorial standards or bias as there are dozens of brands and more than 250 different washing machines and dryers.

We use a strict research policy which includes consideration of all the specs of the appliances, the reputation of the brand and user feedback to decide which models to feature.

If readers don’t like our picks or return their purchases we make nothing. We believe this is a pretty fair system that keeps us committed to serving our readers first.

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