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If you haven't got a lot of space and need a small tumble dryer - then read on. We've found some great wall-mounted and table-top dryers that are ideal for short-term accommodation, boats, caravans, and camper vans.

Here's our shortlist for UK market in 2022:

     The Best Small Tumble Dryers of 2022

Hotpoint NV4D01P First Edition' 4kg Freestanding Front Vented Tumble Dryer - White
Hotpoint NV4D01P First Edition' 4kg Freestanding Front Vented Tumble Dryer - White
Reverse tumble option; Compact; Temperature control; 4kg
Russell Hobbs RH3VTD800S Silver 2.5kg Compact Mini Vented Tumble Dryer, Portable, Freestanding Table top Dryer with 3 Heat Settings small
Russell Hobbs RH3VTD800S Silver 2.5kg Compact Mini Vented Tumble Dryer, Portable, Freestanding Table top Dryer with 3 Heat Settings small
ENERGY EFFICIENCY – With a C energy rating.; DIMENSIONS: - (H)58.5 x (W)49.5 x (D)41.5 cms
£210.00 −£20.01 £189.99

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Our Mini-Dryer Top Pick

If we had to pick the "Best Small Tumble Dryer of 2022", we'd go with this model from Montpellier.

montpellier 3kg dryer

We love that it's very portable, can fit easily on a counter-top or be wall attached, and has a bigger capacity (3KG) than most on our list.

This makes it a perfect small tumble dryer for flats, caravans - or even boats!

What size is the smallest Tumble Dryer?

What size is the smallest tumble dryer? Well, it all depends on what you mean by "Size". 

In terms of load capacity, the smallest tumble dryer on our list is just 2.5kg. For comparison, this means it can handle around 12 t-shirts/ 2 pairs of jeans + 2 t-shirts / or 6 large towels.

In terms of dimensions, the smallest is just W 41.5 x D 49 x H 58.5 cm

Which tumble dryers are best?

You might be wondering how to choose the best tumble dryer. This is exactly the same problem we had deciding upon our shortlist.

Besides just getting clothes dry, here's our top 3 criteria:

1. Safety First

After all the appalling house and flat fires caused by tumble dryers, we rank safety as being the most important feature.

We looked at the manufacturer's track record, is there a "lint full" alarm and how easy is it to remove and clean the filter.

2. Energy Efficient

The best tumble dryers are energy-efficient. It shouldn't have the carbon footprint of a small village and cost loads to run.

3. Quiet

You don't want to put up with a banging, rattling metal box whenever you need some clothes dry in a hurry.

The best models should be quiet and put out less than 65db.

Small tumble dryers for flats

Searching for a small tumble dryer for a flat? Then there's a few things you need to know.

If you can place it near a window, a small vented tumble dryer will be ideal. The hot air will leave via the exhaust, rather than heat up your smaller area like a condenser dryer will do.

The smaller models can also fit on counter tops if your space is at an absolute premium. 

Ideal for boats, caravans and campers too

Unlike their larger cousins, these mini tumble dryers weigh a lot less and are around 17kg.  This means it's easy to carry them and install them in small spaces.

As they're light and compact, they fit on a tabletop or can even be wall-mounted. These makes them perfect for boats, caravans or camper vans.

Small Tumble Dryer Reviews

Here are our reviews of the best small dryers on the UK market in 2022.

If you don't need a large tumble dryer but still want something you can trust - this 4KG Hotpoint is ideal. 

Measuring - 67cm x W 49cm x D 48cm -  it's 2/3rds the size of a regular dryer.

However, this doesn't seem to affect its drying performance.

The 4KG drum can easily dry a mixed load -  a couple of bath towels, 2 t-shirts (or a duvet cover), a bottom sheet and 2 pillow cases - in around 40 minutes.

There's also a 20-minute "Refresh programme". This could be a life-saver if you find something you really need at the bottom of the laundry basket (we've all done it!).  Just pop it in for a "refresh" and nobody will be any the wiser!

Hotpoint 4KG tumble dryer

As with all the best tumble dryers, there is a reverse-tumble mode to prevent your clothes getting tangled.

Another plus is the filter pulls out easily from just inside the door. That makes cleaning it out quick and hassle-free.

What really sets this one apart from the others on our list is Hotpoint gives you a 10-year parts warranty in addition to 1-year of labour.

All told, this is a great small dryer that will suit a small space like a flat, caravan or house boat.


  • 2/3rds the size of a standard dryer
  • Reverse-tumble action
  • 20-minute refresh cycle
  • Filter removes easily
  • 10-year parts warranty


  • No quick dry programme

The Cookology brand is made by the British Kitchen Company, and their 2.5KG Mini tumble dryers is one of their best selling products. And for good reason!

This mini dryer is quiet, light, and compact which makes it perfect as a "portable tumble dryer".

Measuring H 58.5cm x W 49.5cm x D 41.5cm it's about the same height as a piece of carry-on luggage.

And weighing just 17kg, it's a lot easier to move and install compared to a full-sized model.

Cookology Mini tumble dryer

This cookology mini-dryer is the vented type. There is a hose supplied, but if you still can't reach a window / vent you can use a condenser kit.

The compact size means it will easily fit on a table-top, but if you'd rather put it on a wall there are wall-brackets included.

It has a 2.5kg drum capacity and it's large enough to fit a double quilt cover with ease. 

There are 5 drying programs (including an "anti-wrinkle") and a full-load takes around 20 - 30 minutes to dry.

What I love about this one is how quiet it is. At just 56 db, if you've got the TV on you will hardly hear it. Perfect for when you're in close quarters like a caravan or boat.

Another big plus is how easy it is to remove and clean the filter. It comes out with a gentle pull from the back of the machine and empties easily.

The only downside with this one is isn't a reverse spin dryer, but for the budget price I would be extremely surprised if it was!

All in all, this is a mini-but-mighty tumble dryer available at a great price!


  • The size of carry-on luggage
  • 5 drying programs
  • Very quiet at just 56 db
  • 200 minute timer
  • Table-top or wall-mounted
  • 1-year warranty


  • Uni-directional - not reverse- action.

This mini-tumble dryer is super simple to use and is the smallest on our list at just H 58.5cm x W 49.5cm x D 41.5cm.

But size aside, what else has it got going for it?!

Well, this one is perfect as as table top dryer. That's because the venting hose fits at the back which makes it easier to put through a window.

Another big plus is the large porthole which opens 180 degrees.

This means you can hold a washing basket and load with the other hand without worrying about the door getting in the way.

Technix Mini tumble dryer

As with the previously reviewed Cookology model, there is a 2.5kg capacity. It can fit a couple of regular-sized towels, two pair of jeans or lots of "smalls" without too much trouble.

Unlike the Coology dryer though, there isn't as many drying programs. Just a dial that you can set "High" or "Low" heat to a 200-minute timer.

This does make this dryer very easy to operate and some users to dub it "Plug and Play". Another great thing about this one is it's very quiet at 57 db.

To sweeten the deal, the manufacturer has included a 2-year parts and labour guarantee. This is double the length of the Cookology warranty.

If you're looking for a small, simple to use, and quiet mini dryer, this is a great choice.


  • The size of carry-on luggage
  • Very easy to use
  • Very quiet at just 57 db
  • Door opens 180 degrees
  • Wall-mountable
  • 2-year guarantee


  • Only 2 drying programs "High" and "Low"

Small Tumble Dryer FAQs

What size is a standard tumble dryer?

The standard size for a tumble dryer is H85cm by W60cm by D60cm. The first two measurements are standard, but the depth may change based on the drum size.

What size is the smallest tumble dryer?

The smallest size in terms of laundry capacity is 2.5kg. The smallest tumble dryer on our shortlist measures W41.5cm x D49cm x H58.5cm

Do they make slimline tumble dryers?

The width of tumble dryers is pretty standard at 60cm. Where you can save on space is the depth. Beko make tumble dryers that are 44cm - 16cm smaller than standard.

How much space do you need around a condenser dryer?

You need 4cm to 5cm around a condenser dryer if you're installing it next to another appliance or into a tight space.

Can you put a condenser dryer in a small room?

You can put a condenser dryer in a small room if it is well ventilated (or has a window) and is bigger than 3-square-meters. A utility room is usually ideal but not a small cupboard.

Which is better vented or condenser tumble dryer?

Maybe people prefer condenser tumble dryers as they don't need a vent and this makes them easier to install. However, vented tumble dryers are quite a bit cheaper.