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Nobody wants a a washing machine that sounds like there's a jumbo jet taking off in your kitchen. Fortunately, the latest models are much more quieter than only 5 - 10 years ago.

In this article, we choose our favourite quiet washing machines on the UK market in 2023. 

The Quietest Washing Machines of 2023

bosch quiet washing machine

Bosch Serie 6 

  • Top-Rated A+++ Energy-Efficiency
  • "SpeedPerfect" washes 65% faster
  • 72 dB Spin / 48 dB Wash
samsung quiet washing machine

Samsung QuickDrive 

  • Top-Rated A+++ Energy-Efficiency
  • 1600 rpm spin speed
  • 75 dB Spin / 49 dB Wash
Quiet LG Washer

LG ThinQ Washing Machine

  • Top-Rated A+++ Energy-Efficiency
  • Turbo-wash uses 40% less water
  • 71 dB Spin / 54 dB Wash
neff quiet washing machine

Neff 9KG Washing Machine

  • "SpeedPerfect " washes 65% faster 
  • Washes full-load in 1 hour
  • 72 dB Spin / 48 dB Wash

Miele W1 Washing Machine 9KG

  • Top-Rated A+++ Energy-Efficiency
  • Quick PowerWash Cycles
  • 68 dB Spin / 48 dB Wash

Our Top Pick!

If you're looking for the quietest washing machine on our list - that honour goes to the Miele W1.

However, if you're looking for a quiet washer that's also great value for money, we nominate the LG V7.

Quiet LG Washer

Granted, it is 6dB nosier than the Miele model during regular spin - but it's also around half the price.

We love how LG gives a generous 5-year manufacturers warranty. Unlike the Miele model, there's a 15-minute fast wash. And it comes with a Smart App that people actually seem to like!

Our Low-Noise Washing Machine Reviews

In trying to find the quietest washing machine of 2023, we tried to compare like-for-like models from the most popular brands on the UK market.

That's why all the washers we reviewed are all sized 9KG - big enough for an "average" household of 4 people. However, in the reviews below we also link to smaller and larger models from the same brand.

The Bosch Serie 6 is eco-friendly, very durable, and has an extremely quiet "EcoSilence" motor.

In short, it's everything you'd expect from German Engineering and a premium washing machine brand.

With a "new" energy rating of "C" (A+++ in old money), this model scores top marks for energy-efficiency.

It's "ActiveWater" technology uses smart sensors that weighs your clothes and automatically sets the optimum amount of time, water, and energy required. This helps you save money every month from your utility bills.

As well as being eco-friendly, this green washer is also built for speed.

bosch quiet washing machine

It has a 15-minute quick wash and a "SpeedPerfect" setting which reduces most programmes cycle times by 65%. Perfect if you need something fast or have to go out unexpectedly.

There are 14 washing programmes including sports, easy iron, and a wool programme. See how this quiet washing machine looks and works in the quick video below.

If you're looking for something a bit smaller for a couple or small family, the 8KG model is here.


  • Great Size for Larger Family
  • Simple & Easy To Use
  • 24-Hour Delay Timer
  • "My Cycle" Remembers Programs
  • 2 Fast Cycles
  • Variable Speed & Temperatures
  • Self-Cleaning Program


  • Timer Display Not Always Accurate
  • No Half-Load Wash

The Samsung QuickDrive has a digital inverter motor that uses magnets and not noisy brushes, making the motor more durable (Samsung guarantees it for 10-years) and incredibly quiet.

This 9KG washing machine has the fastest 1600 RPM spin speed. It also scores full-marks for energy-efficiency, being awarded "A+++" (under the old scale).

The energy-savings are made in part by Samsung's nifty "Auto Optimal Wash" technology.

This uses smart sensors to weigh your laundry and set the optimum time and amount of water needed. They also check how clean the water is and decide if more detergent or another rinse is required. I love this as it makes doing the laundry even easier (which we're all about!).

samsung quiet washing machine

Here's a quick video (under 20s) showing how the quiet inverter motor works.

There are 23 washing programmes including a 15-minute fast wash and "Bubble Soak" - a pre-wash stain cleaning feature that tackles tough stains like wine or grass. However, there isn't a sports or easy iron programme which I would have expected for the price.

On the plus side, this model has an AddWash door so you can put in runaway socks or delicates that you only want lightly washed. This is a "Smart Washing Machine" and unusually the app that Samsung uses, SmartThings, has really good reviews from 750k users.

Another massive plus for this quiet Samsung washing machine is it comes with a 5-year warranty. That blows away most of the competition who only offer a measly 1-year warranty.

All in all, this is an eco-friendly, quiet washing machine from a great brand that should last for years to come.


  • A+++ Energy-Efficiency  
  • Quiet inverter motor
  • 15-minute fast wash
  • Bubble-soak prewash for tough stains
  • Time-saving laundry sensors
  • AddWash door for forgotten items
  • Well-reviewed WiFi Smart App
  • 5-year manufacturers warranty


  • No sports/ easy iron programmes

The LG ThinQ ties with 3 other models on our list for noise during high-spin - but you have to factor in it's 1400 ROM spin speed.

This is a factor because it's not spinning as fast as say the Samsung model above - therefore you'd expect it to be quieter.

When we level the playing field and look at the noise during regular wash, its quite a bit noisier at 54 dBs. The Bosch model is 48 dBs, and the Samsung 49dBs.

However, this LG washing machine is cheaper than both of the above so this could be an important factor for you. There's also a lot to like about the LG ThinQ range.

Quiet LG Washer

As the name suggests, this is a slimline washing machine with a depth of 55cm, 5cm slimmer than the standard 60cm. This could be vital if you only have limited space to play with.

Like our previously reviewed models, this one also scores full-marks for energy-efficiency, being awarded an A+++ on the old scale.

It's helped by LG's "TurboWash" technology which is more like a shower than a bath! Rather than sit there and soak in loads of water, the ThinQ uses powerful jet sprays that save 40% water and reduce washing time.

Speaking of time, there's a 14-minute fast wash (the quickest on our list) and 14 programmes including a sports programme and an easy-iron program (take note Samsung!).

You also get a 5-year manufacturers warranty and a 10 year warranty on the Direct-Drive Motor. And similar to most on the list, there is a smart app included that works with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

If you're looking for a larger LG washing machine check out this 10.5KG model


  • Top-rated A+++ Energy-Efficiency
  • 14-min quick wash
  • TurboWash jet sprays save 40% water
  • Connects to Alexa / Google Assistant
  • 5-year Manufacturers Warranty


  • Not as quiet as the more expensive models

Something that might surprise you about washing machines is that many brands are owned by the same company. For example, Neff, Bosch, and Siemens are all made by the same German company.

The difference is the price/budget that each brand targets. 
This Neff 9KG washing machine is more expensive than the Bosch model previously reviewed - but considerable cheaper than the Siemens one listed below.

At 71dB during high-spin (with a 1400 RPM motor) and 47 DB during regular spin, its one of the quietest on our list.

Similar to the Samsung model, it has an EcoSilence drive that uses magnets instead of noisy brushes. But unlike the Samsung washer, it only has a 2-year manufacturers warranty. The motor is guaranteed for 10-years though.

The 2 big differences (or selling points) here are the i-Dos and SpeedPerfect features.

neff quiet washing machine

The former measures out your washing detergent and automatically adds the right amount to each load. The latter speeds up any programme you select by up to 65%. This is perfect if you need something urgently or have to go out.

There are 14 washing programmes including a 15-minute fast wash, a delicate wash, and an easy iron cycle. However, this one doesn't have a sports wash, eco wash, or a cotton wash - which for the price we'd assume would be present.

Still, if it's a quiet washing machine that you're after from a reputable brand, this one tops the list. 


  • A+++ Energy-Efficiency
  • Extremely quiet
  • 15-minute quick wash
  • SpeedPerfect reduces time by 65%
  • i-Dos technology for optimum detergent
  • 10-year motor guarantee


  • No sports, eco, or cotton program
  • Only 2-year manufacturers warranty

Miele are often considered by industry professionals as the best washing machine brand to buy. Of course, there is a high price tag that goes along with that statement!

So it should be no surprise that the most expensive washer on our list is also the quietest.

Its innovative motor uses frictionless magnets that puts out 69 dB during high spin. That's quieter than many vacuum cleaners!

As you'd expect from a top-of-the-range washing machine, you get a lot for your money.

It's rated A+++ for energy efficient washing and designed to give you 20-years of uninterrupted use.

miele quiet washing machine

You also get a stack of washing programmes and features. It uses a jet spray (similar to the LG Model) "PowerWash 2.0" which mixes the water and detergent outside of the drum. This saves cuts down on water usage and the the time needed to wash your clothes.

Unlike some of the other models on this list, there is a full-complement of mixed load, easy iron, economy wash, sports, and even an anti-allergy programme. The one thing it's missing is a 15-minute quick wash.

There is a 49-minute "Quick Power Wash" but this only washes an "Average" load - i.e not a full-load. That's disappointing as there are washing machines that can do full-loads in under an hour.

Another area where the Miele W1 is lacking is it's smart app. It only scores a 1.2/5 on the Google App store from over 2,000 reviews.

But if you're looking for the quietest washing machine on market that's built to last - this is it.


  • A+++ Energy-Efficiency
  • Designed for 20 years use
  • Incredibly quiet at just 69dB during spin
  • Add clothes to cycles in progress
  • Lots of useful washing programmes
  • PowerWash 2.0 jet spray technology 
  • 2-year warranty


  • Expensive
  • No 15-minute fast wash


What is the average noise level of a washing machine?

The average noise level of a mid-priced washing machine is between 73 dB-76 dB (spin) and 52 dB-55 dB (wash).

What decibel is a quiet washing machine?

From our research of 250+ models, we've found a quiet washing machine puts out less than 70 dB during spinning and under 50dB during the wash cycle.

How do I quiet a noisy washing machine?

If you have a noisy washing machine that is quite old, making sure it has a balanced laundry load can help make it quieter. Also, check the legs are flat on the ground and consider placing it on an anti-vibration mat.

Which is the most quiet front loading washing machine?

We found that the Miele W1 was the quietest front loading washing machine during high spin at 68dB, and the Neff N90 was the quietest during the wash cycle at 47 dB.