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If you're searching for a cheap washing machine, it's definitely a buyers market in 2023.

Not only are prices getting lower, but the latest washers are super-efficient so you can save on running costs, too.

Here are 7 of the cheapest washing machines that are great value-for-money.

7 Cheap  Washing Machines For 2022

White Knight DAWM148W 8kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine
White Knight DAWM148W 8kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine
UK Mainland Delivery Only **; Child Lock: Y; EBAY: FixedPriceItem; Energy Rating: D
Candy Smart Pro CS1410TE Freestanding Washing Machine, 10 kg Load, 1400 rpm, White
Candy Smart Pro CS1410TE Freestanding Washing Machine, 10 kg Load, 1400 rpm, White
Connector type: Water Line and Drain; Installation type: Freestanding; Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D58
8kg Washing Machine - Cater-Wash ECO - Extra-Rinse - My Cycle - Sterilisation - 1400RPM - White - CK8588 (A+++/B)
8kg Washing Machine - Cater-Wash ECO - Extra-Rinse - My Cycle - Sterilisation - 1400RPM - White - CK8588 (A+++/B)
8kg load capacity.; 1400RPM spin speed.; 15 pre set wash cycle.; 15 minute quick wash.; Matching 8kg heat pump dryer available - CK8508
EcoTime 7kg 1200rpm Freestanding Washing Machine - White
EcoTime 7kg 1200rpm Freestanding Washing Machine - White
7kg Drum Capacity - Great for medium sized households; Water Balance Plus - Sensors help save water and energy
£309.99 −£64.83 £245.16
Bosch WAJ24006GB Serie 2 Freestanding Washing Machine with SpeedPerfect, 7kg load, 1200rpm spin, White
Bosch WAJ24006GB Serie 2 Freestanding Washing Machine with SpeedPerfect, 7kg load, 1200rpm spin, White
EcoSilence Drive: extremely energy-efficient and quiet in operation with a long life; SpeedPerfect: perfectly clean in up to 65% less time

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Our Top Cheap Washer for 2023

While all of the models on our list are a great deal, we feel the best value for money is the Indesit My Time.

It's quiet, easy-to-use, and it's a good brand that usually lasts a long time. Sized 8KG (with a low-price 7KG model) it's perfect for a couple or small-family.

Indesit My Time EWD81483WUKN 8Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - D Rated
55 Reviews
Indesit My Time EWD81483WUKN 8Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - D Rated
  • 8kg drum capacity - great for medium-sized households
  • Water Balance Plus – Sensors help save water and energy
  • Inverter motor – Super quiet for open plan living

Last update on 2024-03-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

How Much Is A Cheap Washing Machine?

Washing machines vary greatly in price, from just under £200 to over £1,500.

For our purposes, we have defined “Cheap” as being around £300, and in a couple of cases - quite a bit lower!

It's important to realise the more expensive ones have quite a few features that you might never use or just don't need. For example, none of the models on our list will connect to your iPhone.

However, doing the basics right is always the most important thing. When you compare our list, you'll find they don't vary too much from those 2-times and 3-times the price.

You'll still get a quiet washer, with low-energy consumption and features like a quick wash, delay timer and child lock.

5 Features To Look Out For

Just because you're paying less there's no need to sacrifice the important features.

Here are some to look out for:

1. Programs & Settings

The difference between a washer that costs £200 washer and £1,800 one is the latter will have more bells and whistles (or songs in the case of some machines!).

Before purchasing your new washing machine, you need to think about what your typical load looks like.

“Sports Settings" are great at getting mud and sweat out of clothes. There's also other programmes for delicates, woollen clothes and even to prevent allergies.

Personally, I couldn't do without a child lock. When my little one accompanies me into the utility room she loves to play with the buttons and knobs. With a child lock, I don't have to worry about re-programming the settings.

A self-cleaning program also helps keep your washer hygienic and prevents detergent residue from getting on your clothes.

Have a look at the list of programs and if you can do without them, it's sure to lower the price.

2. A Quick Wash

Nobody wants to wait ages for a cycle to finish. Finding a washer with a 15-minute quick wash cycle is a real bonus.

You do need to check out the maximum load for the quick wash setting. Some models set a reduced weight limit which is great for a few items (or if you have a baby!) but not if you want to do a weekly wash.

3. 24-Hour Delayed Timer

A delayed timer is a great feature to have. It allows you to start a cycle for when you're sleeping or out of the house.

I always prefer a 24-hour timer as it keeps things nice and simple. Plus if you're away overnight you can set it to finish for when you get back.

4. Energy Ratings

Even if you're not forking out more than £500 for a new machine, you can still expect A+++ energy-efficiency.

An important feature to look out for is how much water is left after the wash cycle. If a lot of water is left it'll take you longer to dry. You'll also consume a lot more energy if you're using a tumble dryer.

Check how much water the washer consumes over a year.  A lot of focus is placed on the cost of electricity, but water is also not free and a valuable resource!

(Be sure to also check out our page on Energy-Saving Washers here)

5. Quietness

Nobody wants something that drowns out their TV and sounds like an airplane is taking off in the kitchen!

Fortunately, the latest appliances have become a lot quieter. Even with a budget washer, you should be expecting one to make about 75 db during the high-speed cycle and 55 db during the regular cycle.

To give you an idea of how loud this really is, 80 db is twice as loud as 70 db, and sounds like a large orchestra. The UK Health & Safety Executive classifies it as an “Action Level” and has to make ear protection available for employees.

70 db by contrast sounds about the same as a vacuum cleaner or conversation in a restaurant.

Will A Cheap Washer Be Big Enough?

The sizes of washing machines vary from 5kg to 13kg. As you would expect, the selling price and the running costs will vary with the size.

If you're like me, you'd rather get all your dirty laundry done in one go rather than loads of little washes. So the right capacity is very important.

As a rule of thumb, 1kg refers to the dry weight of your laundry load.

1kg = (1 Shirt + 1 Jeans) or 5 Shirts or 2 Towels.

The following graphic should help:

washing machine capacity

It's also important to note that the stated capacity is usually for the standard cotton settings.

If you're washing wools or other delicates, then this will be greatly reduced.

Also, many of the "Quick Wash" programs will only allow a fraction (usually around 25%) of the maximum load.

How About Spin Speed?

When comparing washing machine prices, you will notice that 1600 and 1400 r.p.m spin speeds cost more than the 1200 r.p.m models. But how much does it really affect performance?

Depending on the model, you might find that the faster the drum spins, the more noise created and energy used. In my view, this is counter-productive.

The important thing to check is how much water is left on the clothes after the cycle is finished.

Technically, a faster spin speed should remove more water. However, a lot of cotton clothes can't be washed at 1600 A 1200 r.p.m machine can get the same end result albeit with a slightly longer cycle.

The Best Cheap
Washing Machines - Reviewed!

  • 15-minute quick wash
  • Quiet at 58db
  • Large porthole
  • Variable temperature
  • 15 wash programmes
  • Childproof lock
  • Great price!
  • Not A+++ rated

Beko might not have an established name as Hotpoint, but this model could be a better value choice.

For starters, it's got a higher A+++ rating for energy-efficiency. And there's quite a few more features that make it stand out.

Just like the Hotpoint model, this one has 2 fast cycles. But the difference is you can get more clothes in.

The 14-minute fast wash can wash up to 2 kg of clothes.  There's also a 28-minute quick wash which can take a FULL load. 

And that's not all....

Beko's Fast+ function means you can shorten any programme by up to 55%. It does this by automatically adjusting the drum speed and the washing temperature. Great for when you're in a hurry.

Cycle speeds aside, there's a lot more to like about this Beko model.

If you're washing half or smaller loads, the machine will automatically reduce the water levels. This is one of the reasons why it's rated A+++.

There are 15 washing programmes including one for baby and toddlers, sports and a dark wash for jeans.

At just 76 db during the high-spin cycle, quite a few people have wondered if they've even switched it on.

You might be wondering how difficult it is to buy spares given that this brand is not as well known as say Whirlpool, Hotpoint or Candy.

Fear not, there is an official UK based website for spares with next day delivery, too!

If you're a couple looking for a quick, quiet, energy-efficient washing machine - this 8KG Beko model takes some beating.

  • A +++ Energy Rating
  • Slim 50cm depth
  • 14-min Fast Cycle
  • Quiet
  • Child Lock
  • Sports, Baby, and Jeans cycle
  • 7 Kg might be too small for larger families

If you're looking for a bargain family washing machine, be prepared for the Indesit My Time to exceed your expectations.

With a low-budget price, this washer has the looks and features you'd expect in a model costing twice as much.

When you have a family, getting the laundry done quickly is a priority.

You also need to deal with different clothes like school uniforms, work wear and sports kits with grass stains.

indesit my time 8kg

This cheap 8KG washer from Indesit has got you covered.

It has 16 different washing program such as sports (including being able to wash trainers!), baby clothes, and even duvets.

As the door is extra-wide and the drum takes 8kg of dry clothes, you won't have a problem squeezing everything in , either.

What I really like about this one is Indesit's "My Time" feature. These give you 6 programmes that can be completed in under an hour. There are 2 mixed, 2 cotton, a synthetic and a 20-minute "express" cycle you can choose. All you need to do is turn the dial so it's very easy.

The EWD81483WUKN regularly gets plaudits for being very easy to use and program. The main reason for this is the large LCD display which counts down the time remaining for each programme.

At 78dbs, it's not going to win any awards as a quiet washing machine. For that, you'll need one with an inverter motor - which can cost double the price of this machine.

However, it does score the top “A+++” for energy-efficiency. The estimated annual consumption is just 195 KW/H per year (about £30 on average) - a big improvement on previous Indesit models.

All in all, this is a great mid-size washing machine available at a bargain price.

  • Great for a couple/small-family
  • Good brand
  • Easy-To-Use
  • A+++ Energy-Efficiency 
  • "My Time" full cycles in < 1 hr
  • 20-minute Express Program
  • Only a few programs reach 1400 RPM
  • 1-Year Warranty

If you're looking for a cheap family washing machine, it's hard to beat the Candy Ultra for value.

With a 9KG capacity, this is the ideal size for a family-of 3 or 4. And unusually for a larger machine at this price mark, it scores A+++ for energy-efficiency.

So you might be thinking Candy have cut some corners to make an 9KG machine this cheaply.

Well...if anything they've over-delivered.

The reason why it scores full-marks for energy-efficiency is its smart load-balancing sensors. These sensors automatically weigh your laundry and determine the optimum time and water you need.

These smart sensors also automatically alter your wash settings to take care of tough stains. I'm fully on-board with anything that makes my life easier, so I love this!

Speaking of convenience, this model also has a 14-minute quick wash programme for when you're in a rush. And a half-load cycle when you can´t wait for the laundry basket to be full.

Amazingly (for the price) Candy have added smart connectivity via their "Simply Fi" app. This means that you can (technically) control the washing machine from your smartphone.

However, in common with a lot of these "Smart Apps", it doesn't have great reviews. Maybe it's a trust issue - but I need to see what's going on so this isn't a deal breaker for me. Plus I don´t live in a mansion. Unfortunately. So walking to the kitchen is OK!

As you would expect, there are a few things that you don`t get with more expensive washing machines. The noise level at 79 db is pretty mediocre - but much better than older models. And there is a bog standard 1-year manufacturers warranty.

However, the Candy Ultra is a fantastic family-sized washing machine for the price.

  • 9KG for Families of 3/4
  • A+++ Energy-Efficiency
  • Smart Load Balancing
  • 24-hour Delay Timer
  • 14-minute Quick Wash
  • Great Price
  • Only 1-Year Warranty
  • Not the quietest

The Midea MF200W70B/E is a 7KG model ideally sized for a single person or couple..

Unless you're a football fan, you might not have heard of Midea before. They are a huge Chinese brand who sponsors Manchester City.

I think consumers are well within their rights to scrutinise Chinese products. However, what you might not know (but suspect!) is that many washing machines are now made in China.

With that said, there's a lot to like with the Midea MF200W70B/E.

Firstly, it's graded "Energy Class B" - which equates to A+++ on the old scale. So it's cheap to run and energy efficient. Like most of these cheap washing machines, it comes with a 1-year parts and labour guarantee.

However, there are also quite a few features you can find on more expensive models....

It has a standout 23 washing programmes including two speed washes of 15-mins and 45-mins. That's almost double the number of programmes these budget washing machines usually have.

Among these is a steam care cycle which lasts up to 30-mins and removes 99.9% of bacteria. It also helps remove creases for easy-ironing.

Speaking of cleaning, there's automatic drum cleaning to keep everything hygienic, and you can even add items after the cycle has begun.

But what I like best of all is big LED countdown timer to let you know how long is left. It's surprising how many models don't have this...and a child lock - which the Midea MF200W70B/E also has.

If you're looking for a smaller washing machine and want something with the best features, this one is great for the price. And it's also available in an 8KG size, too.

  • A +++ Rating
  • 23 Washing Programmes
  • 2 Quick Washes 15-min/45-mins
  • Anti-Allergy Programme
  • Steam Cycle
  • Automatic Drum Cleaning
  • Great Price
  • 1-Year warranty
  • Brand isn't well know in the West

If you were to ask me what's the best washing machine for the money, I'd have to say this Electra 7KG model (with a few caveats).

You might not have heard of Electra, but they're owned by Vestel, a white-goods brand from Turkey. 

And it just blows my mind that you can get a brand new washing machine for such a low price.

Sure, you don't get a few "premium" features and it can only handle a 7 KG load.

But if size isn't a deal breaker there is a lot to like here.

For starters, it comes with 15 washing programs which includes a 15-minute fast wash and a "Daily 60" eco wash. There's the standard programmes along with a pre-wash, mixed load, and even an anti-allergy rinse.

It's rated "A++" for energy-usage, which is one below the best. However, it does have a 1400 rpm spin speed which is pretty great for a 7KG machine.

It's pretty quiet too, at just 58db during regular spin. There's also a delay timer - but it's only 12 hours. This still means you can put it on at night if you have something like Economy 7.

There are 15 washing programmes which surprisingly (for the price) include a sports program and an easy-iron cycle. 

Two things you need to know are there's also no countdown timer like on more expensive models. And the warranty is only valid for one-year.

But if you're looking for a budget washing machine that's easy-to-use and doesn't have a fancy digital screen - this Electra model is hard to beat.

Cheap Washing Machine FAQs

Which is the best and cheapest washing machine?

We find that the Bosch WAJ24006GB Serie 2 is the best "Cheap Washing Machine" in 2023.

Where can I buy cheap washing machines?

You can buy washing machines in person at places like Currys, Argos, and John Lewis. However, you can often find better deals and more cheap washing machines available onlines.

What is the lowest price of a washing machine?

The lowest price of a new washing machine is around £200 in the UK, though you get a lot of choice in the £200 to £300 range.

What size washing machine do I need for a family of 3?

A 7KG washing machine is a great size for a family of three, though bigger may be better if you only do the laundry once a week.

What size washer do I need for a family of 4?

A 9KG washing machine is an ideal size for a family of four. However, if you wash clothes more than twice a week you might consider an 10KG or 11 KG model.

Which washing machines should I avoid?

You should avoid washing machines that are loud (more than 76dB during spin), that don't have a good energy-efficiency, are from obscure brands that make spares hard to find.