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How Big Is A Washing Machine? (UK Dimensions)

If you're short of space in your kitchen and utility room - then you need to know the exact dimensions of your new washing machine.

You might be surprised to know that while there is a standard size - there's also quite a bit of variance between the difference sizes. And as I always say - an inch or two makes all the difference 😉

In this article, we'll take a look at how the height, width, and depth can vary. We'll also list over 20 of the UK's most popular washing machines and their sizes.

The Average UK Washing Machine Dimensions

On average, the standard height of a washing machine is around 85cm - although some slimline models may be slightly lower. The majority of washing machines measure between 40-60cm in width and around 50-60cm in depth, although these figures may vary depending on the manufacturer and type of machine you're looking at.

The capacity of a washing machine is also worth considering when making a purchase, as this determines how much laundry can fit inside. A random selection of washing machines may range from 6kgs to 12kgs - with larger capacity machines suitable for bigger families or those who need to do more loads at once.

Ultimately, it's important to check all the relevant dimensions when choosing a new washing machine to get the perfect fit for your home and laundry needs.

20+ Best-Selling UK Washing Machine Sizes

Drum Size Brand Model Height (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm)
6KG Electra W1244CF2WE 84.5 59.7 49.7
6KG Bush WMSAE612W 85 60 50
7KG Samsung Series 5 ecobubble 85 60 55
7KG Bosch Series 4 84.8 59.8 59
7KG Indesit BWE71452KUKN 85 59.5 54
7KG Hotpoint NSWM743UWUKN 85 59.5 52.2
7KG Beko WTIK76151F 82 60 56
7KG Hisense WFPV7012EM 85 59.5 46
9KG Hotpoint NSWA965CWWUKN 85 59.5 60.5
9KG Candy Ultra 85 60 53
9KG AEG UniversalDose 84.7 59.7 63.1
9KG Hoover H-WASH 300 85 60 52
9KG Bosch Series 4 84.8 59.8 59
9KG Hisense WFQY9014EVJM 84.5 59.5 61
9KG Beko WTL92151W 84 60 64
9KG LG V3 FAV309SNE 85 60 56.5
9KG Samsung Series 5 ecobubble 85 60 55
12KG LG TrueSteam 95 60 64
12KG Hoover H-WASH 500 82 60 68
12KG Hisense WFQA1214EVJMT 85 60 66
12KG Samsung Series 5 ecobubble 85 60 65
12KG Haier i-Pro Series 7 85 59.5 60


Height of UK Washing Machines

If you're looking for a washing machine to fit into a small space or cupboard, then the height of the model is an important factor. Most models measure between 85-90cm in height, but this may vary depending on the type and manufacturer (as shown above)

Compact models or slimline machines usually have a lower height than regular ones, so it's worth checking the measurements before buying if space is tight. Many modern machines come with adjustable feet which can help to reduce their overall height too. 

Width of UK Washing Machines

The width of the washer is important if you're trying to fit something into a tight space. Most models have a width of around 60cm with only a few millimeters difference between manufacturers.

For example, the Candy Ultra is the standard 60cm wide, but the Hotpoint 9KG model is 59.5cm. 

Depth of UK Washing Machines

Washing machine depth is the one dimension where there is a lot of variance. It's definitely the thing to check if you want a flush fit in your kitchen or utility room.

The standard depth is around 50cm to 60cm. You should also allow a couple of centimeters for the pipes and power lead.

However, larger washing machines tend to be deeper than smaller ones. And this makes sense when you consider a 12KG drum compared to one that has a 6KG drum.

For example, the 6KG Electra W1244CF2WE has a depth of just 49.7cm.

However, the 12KG Hoover H-WASH 500 has a much larger depth of 68cm.

Weight of Washing Machines

The weight of a washing machine is an important dimension to know - especially if you're the one moving it. On average, UK washing machines weigh 55 KG to 80 KG (8.7 stone to 12.6 stone).  If you're going to move one it's bets to use a pallet truck (or "dolly") and enlist another person to help.


On average, the height of a washing machine is around 85cm, but some models can be a bit shorter. Width-wise, they're usually about 59.5-60cm, with not much difference between manufacturers.

Depth is where there's a lot of variation, with the average being 50cm to 60cm. So if you want your new washer to fit snugly into a space, make sure you check this dimension. And don't forget to think about capacity, too, especially if you have a big family or a lot of laundry.

So, whether you're after a compact or full-size machine, take the time to check out the dimensions to avoid any nasty surprises. Trust us, measuring up now will save you a lot of headaches later!

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