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You might think any ironing board will do. There are actually more than a few differences between the different brands (including the price!).

To help, we have reviewed seven of the best ironing boards on the UK market in 2022. We're sure you'll find the perfect companion for your iron and laundry!

The Best Ironing Boards of 2022

Joseph Joseph Glide Plus Ironing Board 130 x 38cm with Compact Adjustable Legs and Integrated Heat Resistant Steam Iron Rest Advance, Anti-drip, super absorbent cotton cover, Black/Blue
Joseph Joseph Glide Plus Ironing Board 130 x 38cm with Compact Adjustable Legs and Integrated Heat Resistant Steam Iron Rest Advance, Anti-drip, super absorbent cotton cover, Black/Blue
Compact and slimline when folded; Separate hanging hook included for easy storage; Easy-change cover with cord toggle
£150.00 −£24.01 £125.99
Foppapedretti Assai Folding Ironing Board, White
Foppapedretti Assai Folding Ironing Board, White
Easy to store and move about, when folded the ironing board stays upright; Includes shelf for laundry
Brabantia Dragonfly Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest, L 124 x W 38 cm, Size B
Brabantia Dragonfly Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest, L 124 x W 38 cm, Size B
Dimensions (HWD): 160 x 48 x 7 cm; Material: Steel; Other Material: Plastic; Regular Model serve for maximum comfort.
Tower T873000RGB Rose Gold Ironing Board, Mesh Surface, Foam Backtop, Adjustable Height with Locking Mechanism, Non Slip Feet, Steel
Tower T873000RGB Rose Gold Ironing Board, Mesh Surface, Foam Backtop, Adjustable Height with Locking Mechanism, Non Slip Feet, Steel
Protective non-slip caps create stability across your carpets and hard floors during use; Standard 1 year guarantee with an additional 4 years warranty when you register online
Minky HH40201108M Ergo Ironing Board, Green, 122 x 38 cm
Minky HH40201108M Ergo Ironing Board, Green, 122 x 38 cm
Ergo Rest - naturally comfortable ironing for both left and right handed use.; Flex guide - prevents iron cord from tangling and snagging.
£57.20 −£7.20 £50.00

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The Best Ironing Board?

When putting this list together, we tried to find a selection for everybody.

If we had to choose which one we though was the best ironing board, it'd have to be the Minky Ergo.

Minky HH40201108M Ergo Ironing Board, Green, 122 x 38 cm
4,361 Reviews
Minky HH40201108M Ergo Ironing Board, Green, 122 x 38 cm
  • Ergo Rest - naturally comfortable ironing for both left and right handed use.
  • Prozone cover with deep felt underlay - 100 percent cotton with heat reflective metallic coating.
  • Flex guide - prevents iron cord from tangling and snagging.

Last update on 2024-03-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The modern design might not be for everybody, but we love the thought that's gone into it, the 5-year guarantee, and the fact it was made in the UK.

The replacement covers are also relatively cheap and the Ergo Plus can accommodate a steam generator iron, too.

Which Ironing Board Size Do I Need?

Ironing Boards are usually advertised in 4 different sizes in the UK:

  • "A" is a small board / 110cm by 30cm
  • "B" is a medium size / 124cm by 38cm
  • "C" is a large size /   124cm by 45cm
  • "D" is extra-large / 135cm by 45cm

The size you need might well depend on the space you have available and the type of garments you typically iron.

For example, if you'd like to press your king-size duvet covers then you'd need size "C" and above.

Personally, I like the extra space as I'm terrible at neatly positioning collars and cuff to get them pristine!

Ironing Board Features 

What features does a good ironing board need? You might think they're all the same, but there are some subtle differences you need to look out for.

Size – watch out for smaller sized boards, as it is not always obvious that you are looking at one! An extra wide ironing board can also make things a lot easier.

There is quite a difference between the "Standard" and the ‘B’ size so check the size carefully.

Surface – a good, safe, heat resistant surface is an essential part of any ironing board. 

The board should also allow good coverage of sleeves, cuffs and collars and a stable resting place for larger steam generator irons.

Height – ironing is a physical activity so the best ironing boards are adjustable for any height.

This is absolutely essential when you have larger loads (or if you convince your significant other to do some!).

Weight – a light yet sturdy board is great as you need to be able to carry it out of storage and not worry that it will shake - or worse - collapse

Some models have wheels and this can make things easier. If you're looking for something for an elderly relative you also want something that's lightweight - yet sturdy.

Covers - Many people like to stick to the well-known brands because they know that replacement board covers are easy to buy.

Ironing Board Reviews

Joseph and Joseph is a stylish UK brand who aim to create Brilliantly Useful Designs. And if you're looking for a contemporary ironing board that's sturdy, folds away easily, and doesn't look like a pair of pyjamas - you're sure to like this one!

The Joseph Joseph Glide Plus has five different top layers to give you the optimum ironing service with a 100% cotton top layer.

It also has a drawstring closure, so not only does it fit snugly, adding a replacement cover is incredibly easy.

Sized 8.5cm x 39cm x 136cm, this has an extra-long length but the width would be classed as "medium". 

There's seven different adjustable settings so it can easily adapt to your height,too.

The thing I really love about this one (apart from the "Easy Glide" cover) is the thought that's gone into storage. It has an innovative design with two compact legs that fold to the same end (rather than opposite like most other boards).

There's also a hook so you can hang it in a wardrobe, cupboard, or on the back of a door. And weighing just 6.5kg, it's easy to put over over your shoulder and carry.

Check out the video below to see the Easy Glide Ironing Board in action.

The obvious drawback with this model is the price.

However, if you want a stylish ironing board that's super easy to store, this one is a winner.


  • Stylish UK Brand
  • Easy Glide 5-layer Cover
  • Extra-Long Length
  • 7 Adjustable Heights
  • Lightweight Yet Sturdy
  • Easy To Store


  • More expensive

If you do want a boring, old ironing board that comes from some SE Asian country and want something that is built to last, I present the Foppapedretti Assai.

This beech ironing board is perfect if you're looking to reduce your reliance on plastics and disposable items in your home.

It measure 115cm long which is a bit smaller than standard - but this is no standard board! That's because the width is an extra-wide 50cm giving you a large ironing area.

The wooden design has small holes to let the steam pass through the frame. There's also a reflective cover that reflects the heat to help cut your ironing time down.

Unlike many designs, this one also has wheels for easy manoeuvrability. However, users report that they work well on a hard wood floor and not so well on carpet. There's also a shelf underneath to put finished laundry and accessories.

This Foppapedretti ironing board is adjustable to three different heights. I especially like that one of these is for sitting. Perfect if you have a bad back and don't want to crouch.

It folds up flat and the unusual shape makes it really easy to store. There are also accessories (sold separately) for skirts and shirt sleeves.

All in all, this is a sturdy, beautifully constructed, wooden ironing board that should last for many years to come.


  • Stylish Italian Design
  • Beech Wood
  • Heat Reflective Cover
  • Folds Flat
  • Extra-wide at 50cm
  • Can use as a sit down ironing board
  • Wheels to move easily


  • Not as long as a standard board

This Brabantia ironing board is perfect if you want something in the "Goldilocks Zone" - not too big or too small!

What we love the most about these Brabantia boards is you get loads of options. They are well-made and fold down to a very slim package for storage.

We've chosen to look at the middle-size, but they have "Size A" (110cm by 30cm)  and "Size C" (125cm by 45cm).

You also have a choice of 9 different covers from "ice water" to "moving circles".

We also like the fact that Brabantia ironing boards come with locks for transport. This stops it from opening (and causing mischief) when you're carrying it and makes it safer to be around children.

It has a simple yet effective rest for the iron, and the height is adjustable which is a another big plus.

Brabantia really stand behind their products (no pun intended!) and provide a 10-year guarantee with their products. That's top quality!

With a range of sizes to suit different homes and styles, it easy to see why they are one of the leading brands in this market.


  • Leading Brand
  • Choice of Sizes
  • 9 Different Designs
  • Folds Slim
  • Iron Rest
  • 10-Year Guarantee


  • Not for steam generator irons

If you're looking for an extra-large ironing board, check out this one from Tower.

It measures 159cm by 43cm so you get a long and wide ironing surface.

What's really great with this one is the adjustable height. It goes all the way up to 92.5cm - about 5" higher than the average table top.

If you're tall - you won't keep stooping over and have an extra reason to hate doing the ironing!

And if you like to do the ironing sat down or can't stand for long periods of time - this one is definitely for you!

There are seven adjustable heights and the lowest means you can use it as a sit down ironing board. The cover and foam cushion are nice and thick which helps make the ironing go much smoother.

Another thing we absolutely love about this board is the chunky rubber feet. They're specially designed to prevent the board slipping on wood or stone floors. 

The resting plate is a good-sized 32cm by 22 cm wide. It's got three silicone strips which keep the iron in place - and is suitable for steam generators.

There are two levers to fold it up (one for left-handed and right-handed people!) and wheels to help you store it easily. It also has a lock to stop it springing up unexpectedly.

All in all, this is a fabulous longer ironing board which gives you a lot of options. It comes with a 1-year warranty but if you register online you get 4 more for free!


  • Extra Long & Wide
  • Great for tall people
  • Can also iron sat down
  • Has wheels
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Suitable for steam generator irons


  • Not the cheapest

If you want something other than the plain old ironing board design - check out this "Deluxe" model from Xabitat.

So what makes this "Deluxe"?

Well, there's a triple layer of heat resistant materials - foam, felt and cotton fabric. It's designed to let your clothes drape over the board and not get creases from sticking to the cover.

In truth though, it's all the little "extras" that make this particular design functional rather than just looking a bit different.

First up, there's a hanger bay next to the iron stand. That means you can hang up your shirts / trousers as you're doing the ironing (and not use doors and the back of chairs!). There's also another clothes rack under the board for smaller folded items.

Speaking of the iron stand, there's a harness to keep the iron in place. Which means you can leave it out when not in use and not worry about it taking a tumble.

What I really like though is the cord holder. It keeps the cord out of the way when ironing and at rest to stop it from getting in the way.

This Xabitat model also comes with a free ironing board mount. That means you can stick it on the back of a closet or spare room door to store easier. Even with all the extra is folds down to just 2.5", so it's ideal for small spaces.

The ironing surface is probably a bit too small if you're doing a lot of bedding. However, the storage and safety options make this perfect for the busy young professional on the go.


  • 3 layer heat-proof cover
  • Adjustable height
  • Free wall mount
  • Iron harness
  • Cord holder
  • Non-slip feet
  • Hanger bay / clothes rack


  • No wheels
  • Too small for bedding

The Minky Ergo is an ironing board which has had a lot of innovative features to help make things quick and easy.

Its "Prozone" cover might sound like something you'd see on Sky Sports, but it's really rather clever.

It is made from 100% with a deep felt underlay to give it a firm yet padded feeling.

It's also perforated, and this is a great feature for when you're using a lot of steam.

You can also use this one if you right or left-handed due to the "Ergo Rest".

This is at the wide end where you rest the iron (as shown on the left) and you can see it's divided in half to suit either side.

Another great thing with this one is there aren't preset heights. You can fix it anywhere up to 92cm tall.

There's also a "Flex Guide" (essentially a large peg!) which prevents the cord from getting tangled - something I particularly hate.

To seal the deal, Minky provide a 5-year guarantee and replacement ironing board covers are available pretty cheaply. It's made in the UK, too.

You need to know if you're looking for a steam generator ironing board, the "Ergo Plus" (and not the "Ergo") is the one for you as it has a metal frame for the larger iron.


  • Use Right or Left-Handed
  • Perforated Cotton Cover
  • Anti-Tangle Design
  • Adjustable height up to 92cm
  • 5-Year Guarantee
  • Made in the UK


  • Modern design might not suit everybody
  • Basic model doesn't have wheels

Got a steam generator iron? Looking for a big, sturdy ironing board that will last for years? Then check our second pick pick from Brabantia.

This Brabantia ironing board is size C - meaning it's large and covers 124cm by 45cm.

At just over 8KG, it's big, sturdy and perfect for your steam generator. But if you're looking for a lightweight ironing board - this ain't it!

That said, if you can pick and lift and average-sized vacuum cleaner, you should be able to move this (with the different weight distribution).

What makes this one special is the solid steel steam generator stand. It measures 400mm (D) x 230mm (W), which fits most of these larger irons with ease.

Checj out this video from Brabantia to see it in action:

At 45 cm, the board itself is very wide. This makes ironing quicker and helps your clothes remain crease free.

Another great thing about this board is you can buy replacement covers really easy. Which is a good thing as Brabantia give you a 10-year guarantee on the solid steel frame and stand.

There is an adjustable height, but you do need to know the lowest setting is 75 cm. This means it's too tall to sit and iron (like this one).

Also, because this is a longer board, it takes up more space when folded. 160 cm to be exact (due to the legs) so make sure you have enough space to store it.

Speaking of storage, there is a child-lock to stop the frame collapsing. Or jumping out at you when you open the cupboard!

In summary, if you do a lot of ironing and want something sturdy enough for your steam generator iron - this one is a great investment.


  • Large Size - 124 CM by 45 CM
  • Big, Sturdy & Heavy
  • Ideal for steam generator irons
  • Adjustable height 
  • Child-lock 
  • Solid steel frame and stand
  • Easy to buy replacement covers
  • 10-year guarantee


  • Might be too heavy for some
  • Long length is harder to store

If you hate constantly getting out the ironing board, folding it up and storing it - this design could be for you!

This ironing board sits on top of 3 wicker storage baskets and both ends fold down when not in use.

The board itself is made of wood - which gives a nice, smooth iron. It measures 110cm by 32cm when unfolded.

The sides and base are also made of wood making it a nice piece of furniture with storage space to keep in a utility room or spare room.

As you can imagine, there are a few drawbacks with this design. It stands about the average height for most people - but you can't adjust it like many on our list.

And another drawback is there are no ready-made ironing board covers. So unless you're a dab hand with a pair of fabric scissors and stapler -  this might not be for you.

However, if you're looking for an ironing board for the elderly this makes a great option. There's no need to lift and carry it anywhere and with the storage options it saves a lot of space.


  • No need to fold, carry or store
  • Saves space
  • Made of wood (not metal)
  • 3 wicker baskets for storage
  • No assembly needed


  • Height is not adjustable
  • Hard to get a replacement cover

If you're only ironing one or two garments and don't want to keep getting out a full-size ironing board - this min-ironing board could be ideal!

The ironing surface is 88cm by 30cm - which makes it about as long as a suit jacket.

That means you can still iron lots of different clothing like shirts, trousers and tops. Plus you get the added bonus of being able to hang it up in the wardrobe when you're finished.

It only weighs 2.4kg, so naturally I'd want to know if the frame is sturdy enough to rest a scalding hot iron on.

Well, the good news is thanks to the design - it is! It's made of strong stainless steel and it's got the long legs of a regular ironing board (it's just a bit shorter).

The manufacturers also think it's built to last as they're happy to give a 5-year guarantee (which is a great sign).

The one drawback with this design is there isn't an iron stand to keep your iron in place so you do need to be careful.

However, if you're only ironing a couple of items every so often this mini-ironing board is perfect.


  • Can hang in wardrobe / back of door
  • Mini design on full-size legs
  • Lightweight (2.5kg) yet sturdy
  • 100% cotton cover
  • 5-year guarantee


  • Height is not adjustable
  • No iron stand