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With the British weather being what it is, having a tumble dryer is the only way to guarantee your clothes will dry in time (if at all!).

Of course, there's the extra running costs to consider. But the latest heat pump tumble dryers are very economical to run. In fact, if you get an A++ model, it can use half the energy of a B+ condenser dryer.

On our shortlist below, you can find 6 of the best heat pump dryers from the UK's leading brands.

The Best Heat Pump Tumble Dryers of 2022

Miele 7KG

Heat Pump Dryer 



  • A++ Energy-Efficiency
  • Ideal for a couple / small family
  • Sensor Dry technology
  • "Add Load" function
  • 2-year warranty 
miele heat pump dryer

LG 9KG Heat Pump

Tumble Dryer



  • A++ Energy-Rated
  • Ideal for a family of four
  • EcoHybrid to save energy
  • Connects to phone app
  • 2-year warranty 
LG 9KG Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

Bosch 8KG Heat Pump Tumble Dryer



  • A++ Energy-Efficiency
  • Ideal for a family-of-four
  • Sensor Dry technology
  • Auto draining and cleaning
  • 2-year warranty 
bosch 8kg heat pump tumble dryer

Samsung Series 5+
8KG Heat Pump Tumble Dryer



  • A++ Energy-Efficiency
  • Ideal for a family-of-four
  • Optimal Dry Smart Technology
  • 35-minute quick dry
  • 5-year warranty 
Samsung 8kg tumble dryer

Hoover H-Dry 300
9KG Heat Pump 

Tumble Dryer



  • A++ Energy-Efficiency
  • Ideal for a family-of-four
  • Sensor Dry technology
  • 4 Dryness Levels
  • Hoover "One-Touch" Smart App
hoover hdry 300

Candy SmartPro 9KG



  • A++ Energy-Efficiency
  • Ideal for larger families
  • Sensor Dry Technology
  • 4 different dryness levels
  • Filters & water reservoir easy to empty
candy Smart Pro heat pump tumble dryer

Beko 7KG Heat Pump Dryer



  • A++ Energy-Efficiency
  • Ideal for couples/family-of-3
  • Sensor Dry Technology
  • Shallow 50.8 cm depth
  • LCD shows time remaining
Beko 7kg tumble dryer

Our Top Heat Pump Dryer Pick...

We believe all of the heat pump tumble dryers on our list represent the best on the UK market in 2021. But if we had to choose one which was especially value-for-money, we'd go with the Samsung Series 5.

samsung series 5

We love it's energy-efficiency, the 35-min quick dry option, and it comes with a 5-years manufacturers guarantee. Find the latest price here.

Heat Pump Dryer Reviews

We looked at a number of factors when putting together the above shortlist. The main one was safety. This is of vital importance given the number of tumble dryer fires in recent years.

The other features we considered were the drying performance, the brand, the warranty and the price. 

You can find more details for each model in the reviews below.

We start of our reviews with a "Premium" heat pump dryer from LG.

Like most on our list, this dryer is rated A++ for energy-efficiency, meaning it costs half-as-much to run as "B" rated condenser dryer.

It's 8KG drum is classed as "medium" so it's idea if you are a small family. Unlike washing machines, the extra capacity is good as your clothes have more room to tumble and dry quicker.

There are 14 drying programmes with a reverse tumble and a 30-minute quick dry programme.

LG heat pump dryer

But the two things I particularly like about this dryer (and probably why it's so expensive) are the dual inverter heat pump and the self-cleaning condenser.

The dual inverter is very energy-efficient because it recycles the heated air in the moisture as it leaves the dryer. This is seriously high-tech and it's great to see LG back the motor with a 10-year guarantee. And at just 62 db, it's extremely quiet and perfect if you have an open-plan home.

You may already know one of the main causes of tumble dryer fires was a build-up of lint.  The LG FDJ608W has an innovative solution for this. It jet cleans the fluff and lint build up on the condenser with the water from your clothes. This makes the dryer much safer (and you don't need to get it checked every 6-months).

Another feature I really love about this LG dryer is the "Eco-Hybrid" programme. You can choose to save energy with a longer wash, or save time with a shorter cycle for when you need dry clothes fast.

Finally, the Wi-Fi capability may appeal to some. You can connect any dryer to a smart device via LG's Thin Q app for added convenience.

In summary, if you're searching for a safe tumble dryer that saves you time and energy, the LG FDJ608W is one of the best in 2021.

  • A++ Energy-Efficiency
  • Ideal for a Family-of-Four
  • Premium Brand
  • Sensor-Dry Technology
  • Reverse tumble
  • Connects to Smart App over WiFi
  • 10-Year Motor Guarantee
  • 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Expensive

 Miele's is a great brand whose washing machines and tumble dryers last for years. They recently won Which? magazines "Large home appliance of the year" in 2019.

But is their 7kg heat pump tumble dryer worth the price tag?

Well, the build quality is excellent as you'd probably expect at this price point.

It's also incredibly easy to use with just one dial and an LED interface - so you you don't need an instruction manual - or Google - to decipher the controls.

There are 12 drying programmes including a 30-minute quick dry.

miele heat pump dryer

However, a full-load of cottons takes 155 minutes (just over 2.5 hours) and a half-load takes 95 minutes (just over 1.5 hours).

This is much slower than condenser tumble dryers, but these heat pump designs use less energy and release less moisture into your home. But speedy they are not!

Like many dryers in this price range, it does have sensor-drying technology - "PerfectDry". This means it can automatically calculate the ideal drying time and your clothes won't be too-hot-to-handle when they come out (or shrink to several sizes smaller!)

And like the LG dryer we reviewed above, this one has a filter on the condenser to reduce the lint buildup. Unlike the LG model, there is an "AddLoad" option, where you can add any escaped socks to cycles already in progress.

And something I particularly like is it will give your clothes an occasional tumble after the cycle is finished. This means if you don't take them out immediately, they won't get wrinkled and clump together.

Another unique feature with this tumble dryer is the "FrangrantDos. This lets you add a scented capsule ("Flacon" - sold separately) to the dryer and it keeps your clothes smelling fresh for 50 cycles.

The only downside with this Miele heat pump dryer is the 2-year warranty. For the price, I don't think it would have been unreasonable to expect 5-years.

However, if you're looking for a reliable dryer from a brand you can trust, this Miele TEB145 ticks all the boxes.

  • Great size for couple / small family
  • A++ energy-efficiency
  • Easy-to-use
  • Great build quality
  • Sensor drying
  • Adds fragrance to your clothes
  • 30-minute fast dry programme
  • Self-cleaning
  • Warranty could be longer for the price

The Bosch Serie 4 8KG tumble dryer is ideal for a family of 3/4.

As with the LG and Miele models, this Bosch model has a self-cleaning condenser for improved safety and a longer working life.

But unlike the above models, it's only rated A++ for  energy-efficiency (which may explain the slightly lower price-point).

There are 10 different drying programmes including ones for sports, cottons, and a "cupboard dry" setting to cut down on the ironing!

bosch heat pump dryer

However, there isn't a reverse-tumble, which may disappoint some users.

What I especially like about this dryer is how quiet it is. At just 65db, it's much quieter than many washer dryers, and ideal if you've got an open-plan house.

It also comes with a draining kit included. If you can't hook that up, it will let you know the water tank is full by playing an audible alarm.

Speaking of safety features, there's also a child lock to keep little fingers from getting in trouble!

Bosch includes a 2-years manufacturers warranty with this one. That's the same as the LG and Miele models reviewed above.

In summary, this is a good heat pump dryer at a slightly lower price point than some on our list. Though the reduced energy-efficiency might be a deal-breaker.


  • Great size for family of 4
  • Quiet operation
  • Self cleaning condenser dryer
  • 24-Hour Delay Timer
  • Child lock
  • Cycle finish alarm


  • No reverse tumble
  • Not A+++ rated

This Samsung Heat Pump dryer is very similar to the Bosch model above - with a few key differences.

The first is the wider variety of drying programmes. You get 14 with the Samsung - and a reverse-action tumble to stop your clothes getting tangled.

There's also a 35-minute quick dry cycle which can get an outfit or two dried in a hurry.

And the big difference is you get a longer manufacturers warranty - 5 years. That's more-than-double what LG, Miele, and Bosch provide. Good job, Samsung!

Samsung 8kg tumble dryer

The one drawback with this dryer is it's A++ energy-rated. That's still pretty good, but not A+++ like the more expensive LG model.

But something all of these higher-priced dryers have in common is sensor dry technology. That means it may say it takes 3-hours to dry your clothes, but users find it actually dries much quicker (and using less electricity than a condenser dryer).

That's because the "Optimal Dry Smart Technology" automatically measure the amount of moisture in your clothes and adjusts the cycle time to suit.

And lastly, the good news is this one is super quiet. At 65 db it's as quiet as the Bosch model and just a smidgen louder than the more expensive LG.

So if you like the reassurance of a longer warranty and still want a heat pump dryer with the latest features, this Samsung DV80M50101W model is ideal.

  • Ideal size for family of 4
  • 14 drying programmes
  • Reverse-action tumble
  • 35-minute quick wash
  • Self-cleaning condenser
  • 5-year manufacturers warranty
  • Not A+++ energy-rated

The Hoover "Dynamic Next" tumble dryer is the first of the "Mid-range" models on the list.  It's larger size makes it perfect for a family-of-four.

As you might expect at a lower price, the energy-efficiency rating is A++.

This is still twice-as-efficient as a condenser dryer. And the same rating as the more expensive Bosch, Samsung, and Miele models we reviewed above.

You also don't get the self-cleaning condenser feature like the LG and Miele models do.

However, this Hoover models does has sensor drying technology for shorter cycle times and 4 different drying settings (Ready to Iron, Dry Hanger, Dry Wardrobe and Extra Dry). It also has a 30-minute quick dry setting.

hoover heat pump tumble dryer

And it has a Wi-Fi setting to hook up to any smart device. But be warned, the Hoover Wizard app is getting panned in the Google Play store, with users finding it difficult to connect their appliances.

What I especially like about this one is the water reservoir is placed on the inside of the door. This means not only can you see when it's full, it's also easy to remove - unlike other tumble dryers who have it hidden in the rear.

Another great feature is the "All in one" drying programme. You can put dresses in with jeans and the dryer sounds an alert when it's time to remove the lighter items. Very convenient!

If you're looking for a larger heat pump tumble dryer stacked full of features (and willing to forgive the poor WiFi app!) the Hoover Dynamic Next is great value for money.

  • Great size for a family-of-four
  • 15 drying programs
  • 4 drying settings
  • 30-minute quick dry programme
  • Reverse-action tumble
  • Sensor dry technology
  • All-in-one programme 
  • Quiet at just 66 db 
  • Hard to connect to WiFi app
  • Not A+++ rated

If you fancy a big tumble dryer that's energy-efficient and won't leave a big hole in your bank balance - check out this Candy Grand'O Vita.

The perfect size for a larger family, this 9 KG dryer is rated A++ for energy-efficiency.

That makes it almost twice-as-efficient as a condenser tumble dryer and comparable to the more expensive dryers on our list.

And like the high-end designs, this one comes with sensor dry technology so it automatically works out how much time and energy to use.

In terms of features, the Grand'O Vita dryer is very similar to the Hoover model above.

candy heat pump dryer

There are 14 drying settings including a jeans cycle, a shirts cycle, a reverse-tumble function, and a 30-minute quick dry cycle, too.

And like the Hoover Dynamic Next, there are 4 different drying modes (Ready to IronDry HangerDry Wardrobe and Extra Dry).

The water reservoir is also located inside the door which makes it very easy to empty. On the noise front, it puts out 66db which is about average for the best heat pump tumble dryers.

The similarities with the Hoover dryer are to be expected as The Candy Group own the Hoover brand. So they're probably made in the same factory!

The big difference is the price. This Candy Model is around £100 less - and I think that's because it doesn't have the fancy WiFi connectivity the Hoover one does.

So if you can live without that, this is probably the best heat pump dryer for the money on our list.

If you're looking for a smaller heat pump dryer that's excellent value for money - check out this model from the Spanish Company Beko.

At 7KG, this is an ideal size for a couple or a family of three.

A special feature of this model is its slimmer 50.8 cm depth. Usually, these kind of tumble dryers are around 60cm deep so this one is great for fitting in tight spaces.

Similar to the more expensive dryers on this list, it has sensor drying technology to know the exact time and energy to use for your load.

However, there are also a few things this one has that the ones above don't.

Beko 7kg tumble dryer

It features 15 drying programmes including the common ones like CottonEco, jeans and baby clothes. Another programme it has (that some don't) is an "Express" programme which will dry 0.5 kg of clothes - 2 shirts or a pair of jeans - in just 30 mins.

There's both a half-load feature and a reverse-action tumble to take better care of your clothes. There's also an interior light to make sure no smalls are left behind.

What I especially like is the LCD countdown timer and a buzzer (which you can cancel) when everything is done. There's also a "Cool Down" feature which blasts cool air into the drum and ensures you don't need a pair of gloves to take the clothes out.

The only downsides with this model is it doesn't have WiFi connectivity (in case that's a deal breaker). And it's not as energy-efficient as the more expensive models.

But at half-the-price of some on our list, this is an excellent heat pump tumble dryer available at a great price.

  • Ideal for smaller household
  • Sensor drying technology
  • 30-minute quick-dry cycle
  • Reverse-tumble action
  • Countdown timer
  • Great price
  • Not A+++ rated
  • No WiFi connectivity
  • Only 1-year manufacturer's guarantee

Heat Pump Tumble Dryer FAQs

What is the difference between a heat pump and a condenser dryer?

A condenser tumble dryer uses a higher 70-75 ° temperature than the 50 °C a heat pump dryer means. This means condensers are faster to dry clothes but heat pump dryers are more energy-efficient.

Are heat pump tumble dryers worth it?

Yes, heat pump tumble dryers are worth it as you don't need to rely on the unpredictable British weather or the health risks of drying clothes inside.

Do heat pump tumble dryers need to be plumbed in?

Heat pump tumble dryers don't need to be plumbed in as the excess moisture is deposited into a water tank. This does need emptying though.

Are heat pump dryers cheap to run?

A heat pump tumble dryer is much cheaper to run than other types of tumble dryers. They use 25% to 70% less energy to dry your clothes. The running costs should be around £25 to £35 a year depending on the model.

Do you need to empty water from a heat pump dryer?

Yes, excess water is deposited into a water tank and this needs to be emptied regularly.