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3 Of The Best 11KG Washing Machines in 2023

If you have a larger family and need a washing machine that can easily handle the never-ending piles of dirty laundry - take a look at these 11 KG washing machines.

There's not a lot of 11kg washers to choose from as many manufacturers choose not to offer models in this size. But we believe the three below are the best ones on the UK market in 2023.

The Best 11KG Washing Machines 
on the UK Market

Hotpoint ActiveCare 11KG

  • Fast 1600 RPM Spin
  • A+++ Rated Energy-Efficiency
  • 30-min Quick Wash

11KG Hoover H-Wash 500

  • A Rated Energy-Efficiency|
  • 14-minute Quick Wash
  • Very Quiet

Candy Rapido 11KG

  • A+++ Energy-Efficiency
  • WiFi Connected
  • Great Price

Our top 11KG Washing Machine Pick

For our top 11KG washing machine, it's a close call but we're going to have to go with the Hoover H-Wash.

hoover 11kg

We love how's it's quiet, energy-efficient, and has a great choice of washing programmes. Best of all, it's available at a great price.

11KG Washing Machine Reviews

This 11kg washing machine from Hotpoint is quiet, energy-efficient, has lots of features to not only clean your clothes - but to keep your family healthy.

There's a lot to like about the Hotpoint NLCD1164DAWUKN.

It has the fastest 1600 RPM spin and an energy rating of "C" - which was the highest A+++ rating prior to 2023.

It's incredibly energy efficient and only 44% of water is left behind. As well as saving water, this means your clothes will dry quicker, too.

Hotpoint market their "Activecare" range as being able to remove 100 tough stains at only 20°. That's impressive, but as we pointed out in this article, low temps can leave bugs and germs behind.

hotpoint 11kg washer

Which is why we really love the "Steam Hygiene"  feature that Hotpoint has added. This injects steam jets directly into the drum at the end of the cycle. That kills 99.9% of the most common germs and bacteria without using chemicals like bleach.

Here is a very quick 20-second video which shows you how it works.

As you can imagine, this steam cycle has been a big hit in our post-COVID world. It's also popular with nurses, allergy sufferers, and family members with sensitive skin.

There are also 15 washing programmes including a 30-minute quick wash, a mixed-load cycle, and a "Green" option which can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.

Unfortunately, there isn't a Sports Cycle which is a drawback, but using the 20° wash and steam cycle should more than compensate. Also, there's no half-load cycle, but if you have a large family this usually isn't that much of a problem!

At just 52 dbds during regular spin, this is an incredibly quiet washing machine that people often think isn't switched on! And there's a "Stop and Go" feature that lets you add that missing sock a few minutes after the programme starts.

All in all, this is a great 11KG washer available at a reasonable price.


  • Great Energy-Efficiency (A+++)
  • Fast 1600 RPM Spin
  • 24-Hour Delay Timer
  • "My Cycle" Remembers Programs
  • "Steam Hygiene" kills 99.9% germs 
  • "Stop and Add" to started cycles 
  • Quiet 52db
  • 30-mins quick wash


  • No half-load cycle
  • No sports programme

The Hoover 11KG is available at a lower price point than the Hotpoint Activecare and (to my eye) doesn't look as sleek and modern. But do you get the same kind of features?

Well, like the Hotpoint model, it has outstanding energy efficiency, with an A+++ rating on the "old" scale.

While it doesn't have the highest 1600 RPM spin speed, it's 1400 RPM make it extremely quiet at just 50db during regular spin.

And that's not the only advantage it has over the Hotpoint model...

The Hoover H-Wash has a 14-minute quick wash, which is twice-as-fast for small loads you need in a hurry.

It also has a half load wash, an Eco wash, and a sports programme which the Hotpoint washer doesn't have.

hoover 11kg

Here's an 80-second video that gives a great overview of the Hoover H-Wash 500.

I really like the constant 60° Hygiene Wash programme that gets the water hot enough to kills germs and bacteria. Sure, this uses extra energy, but it is great peace of mind (especially if you have family members with allergies).

It might not look as nice as the Hotpoint Activecare, but this could be the best 11KG washing machine for the money in 2023.


  • A+++ Energy-Efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • 14-min fast wash
  • Super quiet
  • 60° hygiene wash, half load, & sports programmes
  • Great price


  • Design looks a bit dated

We round out our list with another 11KG washing machine available at a great price - the Candy Rapido. But how does it compare against the others on our list?

Well, the answer is "very favourably" with some users enthusiastically calling it "The Best Washing Machine they've ever had!".

The Candy Rapido is indeed fast, with a 14-minute fast wash to get smaller loads done quickly.

Like the others on our list, it scores top marks for energy-efficiency and is quiet at 51db during regular spin.

Speaking of spin speed, it has 1400 RPM like the Hoover H-Wash, but it only leave 44% of water behind like the faster Hotpoint Activecare.

And you really need to see the "Simply-Fi" WiFi app below.

candy 11kg washing machine

With this app, you can take a snapshot of your clothes and the machine will automatically set the right programme for you. Great for people (I'm not saying men, ha!) who have trouble working a washing machine.

Another great feature of the WiFi app is it'll send a message to your phone when everything's done. Very cool!

Sadly, as great as this sounds, in practice things are different. Over 1,600 users score the Candy App just
1.6 out of 5 on Apple's App Store. I will point out that these kind of apps do typically get low scores, with Hoover's only getting a 2.1 score.

It seems to be the case that if you can get it to work - great. But this feature might not be for you if you're looking for a basic washing machine that you don't need to spend ages setting up.

However, I do really like how it has 16 washing programmes (2 more than others on our list) including a half-load cycle and a sports-programme - but you're going to need to download that from the app...!

Like the Hoover H-Wash, this is available at a low price so you might be able to grab a bargain.


  • A+++ Energy-Efficiency
  • 24-Hour Delay Timer
  • 16 Washing Programmes
  • 14-min quick wash
  • Quiet
  • Big door size


  • Low-rated WiFi app
  • No easy iron programme

11KG Washing Machine FAQs

How much can you fit into an 11KG washing machine?

As a guide, you can fit 6 t-shirts, 6 pairs of jeans, and 10 bath towels (or combinations thereof) into an 11KG washing machine.

What is the largest capacity for a washing machine?

The largest capacity for residential washing machines are 16KG to 18KG.

What size washer do I need for a family of 4?

A 9KG - 12KG washing machine is a good size for a family of four. It does depend how often you wash your laundry and if you leave it pile up to the end of the week.

Is a bigger washing machine better?

There is a trade-off with bigger washing machines. They can wash your clothes better as there is more room to tumble. However, bigger machines are less eco-friendly as they require more energy and water.

What is the best washing machine for heavy loads?

The best machine for heavy-loads is one with load-balancing sensors which can automatically choose the best time, temperatures and programmes for you. Also look for a washing machine with a 10-year warranty on the motor.

Is it worth fixing a washing machine?

Most washing machine repairs cost under £100 so it could be worth getting an old one fixed. However, if the motors broken it can cost £200+ - more than 50% of many budget washing machines.