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When you've got kids there's an endless stream of clothes to be washed. School uniforms...PE kits...winter clothes...going out clothes...that's not to mention the adults...!

It's cruel and unusual torture to place all these demands on a small washing machine. And you could quite possible go mad having to do the laundry every single day.

That's why a 12KG washing machine is perfectly-sized for a family.  It's large enough to handle everything all in one go.

To help you choose the right one, we've put together a short list of the best models on the UK market in 2023.

The Best 12 KG 
Washing Machines of 2023

Hoover DWOA412AHC8B Freestanding Washing Machine, WiFi connected, 12Kg Load, 1400rpm spin, Black
Hoover DWOA412AHC8B Freestanding Washing Machine, WiFi connected, 12Kg Load, 1400rpm spin, Black
Large Capacity - 12kg load capacity; Wi-Fi Connected - Connect to this machine via the Hoover WIZARD app on your smartphone
Cater-Wash CK8512 12kg Washing Machine - 1400rpm - (UK Mainland Del Only)
Cater-Wash CK8512 12kg Washing Machine - 1400rpm - (UK Mainland Del Only)
Large 12kg capacity drum.; My Cycle so you can save your favourite wash.; Spin and temperature selection.
Beko WY124PT44MW 12Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White
Beko WY124PT44MW 12Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White
12kg drum capacity; A+++ energy rating; 1400rpm max spin speed; 16 wash programmes; Dimensions 840 (H) x 600 (W) x 670 (D)

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Our Top 12KG Washer Pick...

We believe our shortlist captures the best 12KG washing machines on the UK market right now. However, if we were to choose just one which offered the most value-for-money, we'd go with the Haier HW120-B14876.

Cater-Wash CK8512 12kg Washing Machine - 1400rpm - (UK Mainland Del Only)
58 Reviews
Cater-Wash CK8512 12kg Washing Machine - 1400rpm - (UK Mainland Del Only)
  • Large 12kg capacity drum.
  • My Cycle so you can save your favourite wash.
  • Spin and temperature selection.

Last update on 2024-04-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

It's got the maximum A+++ rating for energy-efficiency, is quiet at 65db, and has also picked up a Which? magazine award, too.

12 KG Washing Machine Reviews

If you're looking for a "next generation" washer then the LG Truesteam is the futuristic model you're looking for.

Like all the ones on this list, the LG Truesteam has the highest A+++ rating for energy efficiency.

But you're probably noticed it's around the double the price of comparable machines.

So what exactly are you getting for the money?

In short, you're getting loads of washing programmes (25 vs the average 15) and LG's patented "TrueSteam" technology. A steam generator heats up the water to 100°C and sprays steam directly on your clothes.

This removes 99.9% of allergens from your clothes and is great for protecting your family against illnesses (we wrote about the germs lurking in washing machines here and here). The steam also gives clothes a deep, gentle clean leaving them nice and soft.

Check out this video from LG so you can see how the TrueSteam looks. It's for the 10KG model, but the 12KG has the same big, easy-to-use LCD display you'll see below.

To be honest, while the Alexa tech is nice to have, if you forget to put the clothes in the washer (as described in the video) there's still not a lot you can do about it. Until domestic robots arrive that is!

However, a feature that everyone is the "Turbowash" which uses a jet sprays to cut a regular cycle down to just 49 minutes while using 17% less power. That's on top of the reduced-load 14 minute fast wash, too.

There's also a direct drive inverter motor which makes this a really quiet washing machine putting out just 52 db during regular spin.

And something I particularly love is you can pause this washing machine and put something in (usually that the kids forgot and need "urgently").

To seal the deal, LG offer a 2-year manufacturer's warranty and 10 years on the direct drive motor.

In summary, the LG Trustream FH4G1BCS2  is pricey but it offers a lot of features the whole family can use. And the big LCD display might even tempt teenagers into using it too.

  • A+++ efficiency
  • Super quiet - 52db
  • TrueSteam tech kills 99.9% of allergens 
  • "Turbo49" for regular loads & 14-minute quick wash
  • Easy-to-use LCD Ddsplay
  • Sports [rogramme
  • Wifi connectivity via app & Alexa
  • Delay timer only 19 hours
  • Expensive

It's good to kick of this shortlist with the Hoover Dynamic 12Kg. It's big, it's eco-friendly and at 52db it's extremely quiet, too.

Starting with energy-efficiency, this one is rated A+++ but what really catches the eye is the water retention. There's just 44% left after spinning which is among the lowest I've seen (usually there's at least 50%).

Why does this matter?

Well, less water means clothes take a lot quicker to dry. It also points to the overall efficiency of the motor. And at 1400 rpm this is really impressive performance.

The reason it's so eco-friendly is due to the advanced "KG Mode" which weighs your laundry and adjusts the water and cycle time automatically.

On the washing front, there are 16 programmes including all the usual suspects and a "Hygeine" programme which is a hot 60-degrees wash to kill bacteria. 

What I really like about this one is Hoover's "All in on technology" which lets you wash different fabrics and colours together in quick washes at low temperatures.

Speaking of quick washes, you have 3 to choose from - 14,30, and 44 minutes which is outstanding.

The Dynamic Next is also part of the latest generation of smart washers. It's got WiFi connectivity and hooks up to your mobile phone via an app. You can also control it with Alexa which is very cool.

On the down side, there isn't a sports mode.  But for everything else you're getting for the price that's only a minor disappointment.

  • A+++ Efficiency
  • Super Quiet
  • KG Weighting
  • 3 Quick Settings
  • Half Loads OK
  • 24-Delay Timer
  • Child Lock
  • Wifi Connectivity via App & Alexa
  • No Sports Programme

Cater Wash might not be a brand you're familiar with. That's because the parent company Cater-Kwick is a UK online dealer which mainly specialises in catering equipment.

But are their washing machines any good?

If this 12KG washer is anything to go by I'd have to say...yes!

This model is rated A+++ for energy and comes with stacks of features that the more expensive brands have - and some that they don't.

For example, not only can you set the temperature all the way up to 90°C, the spin-speed is also variable and goes up to 1400rpm.

This is great if you need a higher temperature for more soiled clothes (mud, paint, make-up etc). Or if you want to crank up the spin speed to help your laundry dry quicker.

There's 15 standard wash programmes including a 15-minute quick wash, a pre-wash and an extra-rinse cycle.

To give you an idea of timing, it takes just 2 hours for a full-cycle on the hottest 90°C setting. That's pretty good.

This one has an inverter motor too which means it only puts out 59db during regular wash. This is a bit louder than the Hoover Dynamic Next though.

The only thing that might put you off is it's not from an established brand. But it's a great 12KG washer for the money.

  • A+++ Energy Efficiency
  • Variable Speed up to 1400rpm
  • Variable temperature up to 90°C 
  • Quiet
  • 15-Min Quick Wash
  • 24-hour Delay Timer
  • Child Lock
  • No Self-Cleaning Program
  • Not a very well known brand

At first glance this Beko 12KG washer looks the same as the one above. Although there are some similarities, there are also some great features that set it apart.

Like the first two models, this is also has an A+++ energy-efficiency, a 1400 rpm variable spin and variable temperature settings.

Where it differs is with extra laundry options you get.

In addition to a 14-minute quick wash for 2kgs, the "Daily Quick" programme can handle a full-load in just 28-minutes.

What I really love is there's a "time remaining" setting which lets you get on with other things. And there's also an automatic half-load setting - which many machines in this price range don't have.

If you're wondering about bedspreads, there is a special "Duvet" setting which will help you get all your bedding done in one wash. There's even a light that comes on in the drum when the cycle ends.

The only downside I can see is there's no WiFi / app connectivity. But if you're looking for 12KG washer that's reliable, quiet and can handle all sorts of loads - this one is hard to beat.

  • A+++ Energy-Efficiency
  • Variable Speed / Temp
  • 14-min Quick Wash
  • 28-mins Full-load Fast Wash
  • Load Balancing Technology
  • Steam Cycle to reduce wrinkles by up to 50%
  • Quiet - 58db
  • No WiFi connectivity

We round out our list with Which magazine's Best Buy Washing Machine for November 2019.

You might not have heard of Haier but they are the parent company of GE Appliances - which owns Hotpoint.

On the surface, this model matches up pretty well with the LG TrueSteam - but at a lower price point.

Like all the washers above, you get a A+++ energy efficiency, a 1400 rpm spin speed and at 65db during high-spin (52db regular) it's extremely quiet.

So what makes this an award-winning washer?

Well, it would have to be the attention to detail. Yes, you get all the best programmes like a 15-minute quick wash, anti-allergen, sports programme and variable speed and temperature.

But you also get a light inside the drum that comes on at the start and at the end of the cycle. There's also a count-down timer which is accurate (only many machines out there). And while the control might not be space-age like LG, people find them simple and easy-to-use.

The only drawback with this one is there is no pre-wash programme. Not essential, but for the price I would have expected it.

Haier does offer a two-year manufacturer's warranty and an amazing 30-year warranty on their direct-drive motor. So this is a company that really stands behind their products (even if you might not have heard of them!).

  • A+++ Energy-efficiency
  • Extremely quiet
  • Simple & easy to use
  • 15-minute fast wash
  • Variable Speed & Temperatures
  • Anti-allergen & sports wash
  • Motor is guaranteed for 30 years
  • No pre-wash
  • No Wifi / App connectivity