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Washing machine covers are perfect if your washer or dryer is somewhere like a garage, shed, or conservatory.

They keep your machine safe from dust, humidity and moisture (but don't leave them directly exposed to the rain - no matter what the manufacturer says!).

Here's our shortlist of the best washing machine covers on the UK market in 2023. 

The Best Washing Machine Covers  of 2023

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Washing Machine Cover Reviews

The Mr.You cover uses zips and Velcro to let you access your washer or dryer without having to remove the cover entirely.

This means it fastens well and can withstand a bit of wind if you have it on a balcony.

The manufacturer's description says this is waterproof, but like all of these covers, it's not advisable to leave it directly in the rain.

This cover comes in three sizes. The depth (from the back to the front) is the only measurement that changes.

  • "M" size is for 17~19 inches / 43cm - 48cm
  • "L"  size is for 20~22 inches /  50.8cm - 55.9cm
  • "XL" size is for 23~25 inches / 58.4cm - 63.5cm

The standard depth for most washing machines is 55cm, so you will need the "L" size.

Tumble dryers tend to have a longer depth, so it's likely you'll need the "XL" size. You also need to leave a lot of space between the exhaust pipe and the fabric as this can get hot quickly.

My best piece of advice is to measure the depth of your washer or dryer before ordering one of these.

All in all, this is a smart looking cover which is easy to open/close and offers a fair amount of protection. It's perfect if you're not looking for a transparent front cover or a cute design like the ones we review below.

Unlike the Mr.You cover above, this one from Khome Gear is a "One-size-fits-all".

It's sized 61cm x 58cm x 81 cm. This does fit most washing machines which usually have a depth (the middle number) between 55cm - 61cm.

For dryers, you might want to measure yours before buying as they can be a little deeper than washing machines.

The Khome Gear cover is transparent which lets people use their washing machines even with it on!

To be honest, this is probably o.k with a washing machine... but I'd be very wary about leaving it on a tumble dryer due to the extra heat produced.

However, like a lot of these covers, the back can be left completely open to let the warm air from the vents circulate and cool.

Another difference from the Mr.You model is this one has side zippers so the front can quickly roll up.

And finally, you might like knowing that Khome Gear is an American company that has been in operation for almost 20 years. So unlike a lot of these kinds of products, they are not a faceless brand from China.

This one is very similar to the Mr.You one we reviewed above - but there are some important differences.

First, you need to know that it's sold in three different sizes depending on the depth.

  • "M" is for depth 45cm to 50cm
  • "L" is for depth 51cm to 57cm
  • "XL" is for depth 58cm to 65cm

Most UK washing machines have a depth of around 55cm-56cm so you'll probably want to go with "Large".

This washing machine cover is made by an Italian company and the stitches, zips, and Velcro are well made. The manufacturers say it will last for 3 years - which gives you an indication of its durability.

Like the others on our list, this one is water-resistant (note: not "Waterproof") but it also has silver-coated polyester which reflects the sun's rays.

The Rayen washer cover is around half-the-price of others on our list and could be perfect if you want to cover a dryer in your shed / garage.

However, there is a bit of a difference in quality for the lower price.

The main thing being it's not secured with any zips like the more expensive models.

The front side just hangs down and attaches with a small piece of velcro.

This does make it easy to open but it isn't ideal if you plan to have it outside as the sides flap open.

This is a one-size-fits-all cover and fits washing machines and tumble dryers up to 84cm x 60cm x 60cm (which is most of them).

The back is left completely open, so I'd say this one is best for covering a tumble dryer you have in a garage or a shed.

If you want a cheap washing machine cover that's got a bit of character to it, this one from Vorcool is pretty good.

As you can see from the image, it's printed design makes it a lot more colourful than the standard white or black that most of these products have.

True, it might not be as secure as the Khomo Gear cover we reviewed above. But it does have two zips at the side which I feel is better than the Rayen design.

The size of this one is 83cm (h) x 56cm (d) x  62cm (w).

This will fit most washing machines as they usually have a 55cm - 56cm depth. The back is left open so if you use it for a dryer the vents will be uncovered.

However, 56 cm depth might be too narrow for some dryers, so be sure to measure yours before ordering.

Washing Machine Covers FAQs

Should a washing machine be covered?

If you leave your washing machine in an outside space such as a garage, shed or conservatory, it's a good idea to keep it covered. This protects it from dust, rain, and the elements.

Which cover is best for a washing machine?

The best washing machine covers are "universal" so you'll know that they'll fit your make and model. Also check the zips, ties, and velcro are well made and the cover is held securely when rolled up.

Can I machine wash a washing machine cover?

These covers usually have a large amount of plastic. While you could machine wash them in a low temperature, it's probably better to hand wash them instead.

Does sunlight affect washing machines?

Sunlight can be damaging to washing machines, particularly if exposed for long durations. It can fade and melt the plastic displays and even damage the motor in extreme circumstances.

Is my washing machine rainproof?

No, in most cases washing machines are not waterproof/rainproof. Rain can seep in and damage the motor, not to mention rusting the outer case.