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Want to buy the best integrated washer dryer but not sure where to start? We've done the heavy lifting for you!

After analysing the best models on the market in 2023, we've narrowed the field down to just 5. You'll find washer dryers from the best UK brands that can fit into any budget - and your kitchen!

6 Of The Best Integrated
Washer Dryers For 2023

AEG Washer Dryer 8KG / 4KG

  • A energy-rated
  • 1600 rpm spin speed
  • 60-mins wash & dry cycle
Indesit Integrated Washer Dryer

Indesit 8kg / 6KG

  • "D" energy-rating
  • Ideal for a family of 3/4
  • "Push & Go" Wash / Dry Programme
zanussi washer dryer

ZANUSSI Z816WT85BI 8kg / 4KG

  • A energy-rated
  • 1600 rpm spin speed
  • 60-mins wash & dry cycle

Bosch Serie 6 7KG/4KG Washer Dryer

  • A energy-rated
  • 14-mins quick wash
  • Sensor drying
Beko integrated washer dryer

BEKO WDIK752151 7kg / 5kg  

  • A energy-rated
  • Sensor drying
  • Washes a full-load in 28-mins


Siemens 7KG / 4KG Washer Dryer

  • 15-Min Fast Wash
  • Sensor drying
  • 2-Year Manufacturers Guarantee

Our Top Pick

There are lots to like about all of the models on our shortlist.

However, in terms of value-for-money, for the best integrated washer dryer we choose the AEG Washer/Dryer.

AEG integrated Washer Dryer

It has a washing capacity of 8KG and and a drying capacity of 4KG - perfect for a medium-sized family.

What's really impressive is the comprehensive washing programmes you get (Half-load, Sports, Anti-Allergy and more...), the steam cycle for the dryer, and you can wash and dry a small load in under an hour.

Check out the latest price here.

The Hidden Benefit Of Buying A Built In Washer Dryer

When you ask people about washer dryers, they invariably say there's more to go wrong and you're better off buying one of each.

While that may be true, not everybody has the space for both appliances. It's also a lot more convenient to have just one machine that can do both jobs - providing it's well built!

However, there's a big advantage that the best integrated washer dryers have over regular tumble dryers. And that's how they dispose of the waste water and moisture.

With vented tumble dryers, you need a hose to take the warm, damp air outside. With a condenser tumble dryer, you need to constantly empty the water tray (or get in plumbed in).

With these built-in washer dryers, the waste water simply flows out the same drainpipe as the washing water. Nothing to see - and nothing to empty!

Check The Depth

All these "Built-In" models tend to be the same size - apart from the depth!

Typically, you'll find the height to be standard at 82 cm (about 2/3 cm shorter than a regular washing machine) and the width at 56 cm. Where you need to be careful is the depth.

This number can change between the different models. It could mean that it's too large for your space and you won't be able to shut your cupboard door - which kind of goes against the point of it being "integrated"!

The depth can vary from around 54 cm - 60 cm so it's vital to either measure the space you're working with (and allow 3 cm at the back for your pipes) or your old machine.

Integrated Washer Dryer Reviews

If you're search for the best integrated washer dryer that won't break the bank - the Hotpoint BIWDHG7148 is it!

It's perfectly sized for a small family with a 7 KG washing capacity and a 5 KG drying capacity. And it's patented "Anti Stain" technology removes 100 stubborn stains at just 20-degrees!

As you would expect from a Hotpoint machine, it has a great build-quality and the LED user interface is easy to use.

There's a nice, big porthole and a wide opening door which makes it easier to load and unload. 

The dimensions are H 81.5 x W 59.5 x D 54 cm - remember to add an extra 3cm for pipes on that depth figure.

This model has 16 wash programs and a generous 14 drying programs.

Most of the basics are covered and you get a 30-minute quick wash. However, there aren't a lot of "extras" such as a sports program, anti-crease, or half-loads.

The big plus is how quiet it is. At just 48 db during regular wash, you'll have to check that it's still on! And during drying it's also quiet at 61 db.

The low noise levels are due to the inverter motor Hotpoint uses. It's that good they guarantee it for 10 years!

There are 3 drying programs - cupboard dry, extra-dry or iron dry. As a rule of thumb, you can expect it to take 40 minutes to wash a reduced load and be ready to iron - which is pretty good.

It has to mentioned that this model has an energy-rating of just "B".

This is disappointing, but if you're looking for a "no frills" washer dryer from a good brand at a great price - this Hotpoint model will do!

  • 1400 RPM Spin Speed
  • Simple & Easy To Use
  • Variable Speed & Temps
  • Anti-Stain Technology
  • 10-year Motor Guarantee
  • Budget Price
  • No Delay Timer
  • No Child lock
  • Only a "B" Energy-Rating

The Beko WDIK752151 is slightly more expensive than the Hotpoint model above - but you sure get a lot more features for your money.

For starters, this is advertised as an "Eco Smart" model, and it delivers great energy-efficiency for smaller households.

It's also rated "A" (which is better than the Hotpoint model). It uses 15,600 litres of water a year when washing and drying. That's a lot less water usage than many comparable models.

And it's not just being green where this Beko model shines. 


There is a "Wash and Wear" cycle which washes and dries and few small items in just 40-minutes. Great for when you need something in a hurry (or somebody forgets to put them in the wash!).

In fact, this Beko model is all about getting things done quickly. The "Daily Quick" program will wash a full-load in just 28-minutes. There's also a 14-minute quick wash if you need to get a few essential items done even quicker.

Another feature for people in a rush (and I wish more washers had this) is a countdown timer showing you how much time is left on both your wash and dryer cycles.

This is another model that has sensors for automatically working out the drying time. You can also choose some presets such as 30, 90 and 150 minutes - but you can't set your own times.

On the quietness front, it puts out 73db during high spin and a super-quiet 48db during regular wash. These low noise levels are thanks to the brushless "Pro Smart" inverter motor.

Beko guarantees this inverter motor for 10 years and you get a free 2 years manufacturer's warranty, too.

In summary, this Beko washer dryer will suit those looking for something that's energy-efficient and can keep up with the (often hectic) demands of family life. And it's available at a nice price, too.

  • 1400 RPM Spin Speed
  • "A"Energy-Rating
  • Very Low Water Usage
  • 14-minute quick wash
  • Sensor Drying
  • 24-Hour Delay Timer
  • Countdown Timer
  • Not the quietest

This Candy model is perfect if you're looking for a reasonably-priced built in washer/dryer which is quick, quiet and energy-efficient.

Like the above Beko Model, this one has been awarded an "A" in energy-efficiency ratings. That's impressive as it has a slightly larger 8 KG washing capacity.

It uses just 970 kw/h a year (based on 200 washes) - which puts it firmly in second on our list.


Like many of our list, this one uses sensor technology to calculate the time, water and energy needed to wash and dry your clothes.

Candy call this "KG Detector", and you can learn about this in the very-short video below.

In terms of washing machine performance, it seems to be a bit of a mixed-bag.

There are 14 standard laundry programs including three quick washes (14, 34, 44 minutes) and 30-minute cotton program at 40-degrees.

There's also a cycle for baby clothes - which is great if you have a new arrival and will be doing a lot of washing. However, there isn't a half-load cycle, nor is their one for sports gear.

On the drying side, there is sensor drying which will get your clothes dry enough to either iron or put away. As somebody who likes to cut my ironing time down to a minimum, not having "anti crease" or "Easy iron" programs is a negative.

On the quietness front, it does put out 76 db during high-spin, but during regular spin it's incredibly quiet at just 58 db.

If you're looking for a built-in washer dryer with a little bit extra space, this Candy model is definitely worth a closer look.
  • Large 8KG Drum Size
  • "A" Energy-Rating
  • 1400 RPM Spin Speed
  • 3 Quick-Wash Settings
  • Sensor Drying
  • Baby Clothes Program
  • 24-Hour Delay Timer
  • No Anti-Crease Program
  • No Half-Load Wash

This Zanussi model is the quietest on our list and it's features have many satisfied users singing it's praises.

Where the majority of integrated washer dryers have a spin speed of 1400 RPM, this one has a 1550 RPM spin speed. That makes the low 70 db noise level at high-spin even more impressive (faster spin speeds usually equal a lot more noise).

This is due to having an inverter motor, which the cheaper models don't have.


It's also been rated "A" in terms of energy-efficiency, and it's 940 kw/h electrical usage is lower than the other 4 models.

An important difference with this model is it's slightly smaller than the others. It has a depth of 54 cm, and this might make all the difference if you're trying to get it into a small space.

On the washing and drying front, there are 9 laundry programmes including a mixed wash, half load, a jeans program and one for sports.

On the downside, it doesn't have a 15-minute quick wash - this one is 60-minutes. However, there is "Flexitime" which will knock 30% off all cycle times when you need things done in a hurry.

Where this Zanussi model stands out is on the drying side of things. With most of these combos there are only 3 drying settings. This one has 8!

These include "Auto Adjust" - Zanussi's name for the sensors which will calculate automatic washing and drying time. There's also a setting for getting duvets dry which again you don't find on comparable models.

All in all, this is a very quiet, economical machine with dryer functions that aren't just added as an afterthought.

  • 1550 RPM Spin Speed
  • "A" Energy-Rating
  • 8 Drying Programs
  • A Rated Wash Perfomace
  • Super Quiet
  • Variable Speed & Temps
  • Countdown Timer
  • No 15-minute Quick Wash

The last on our list is also the most expensive - the Siemens IQ-500.
It costs more than double some of the above.

But what do we get for the extra money?

Well, straight away you'll note that it has a "B" rating for energy-efficiency. Not what we would have expected!

However, excluding the Beko and the Zanussi models, the energy-usage is about average.

What is definitely not average about this machine is all the extra features you get for your money.


The motor is without doubt the most important part on a washing machine. Siemens IQ motors are inverters which have special load balancing technology. This prevents your washer from hopping around and give your clothes an even wash.

It really is a thing of beauty, and this short video shows you how it all works.

Something that many people complain A LOT about is not knowing when a cycle has finished. This one has a buzzer that tells you it's done.

There are also some really neat safety features. The fluff removal cycle helps reduce fire risks and needs to be run every so often. The machine reminds you when to do this so you don't have to worry. S

Siemens have also added "Hydrosafe", a system that monitors the water level and constantly checks for any leaks.

The depth on this one is bigger than a lot of other models at 58.4cm. This means it sticks out a bit more than the average 55 cm. That might not be ideal if your space is not so deep.

In summary, while the energy-efficiency is a bit disappointing, the build quality and safety features really make the Siemens IQ-500 a stand-out in 2023.

  • 1400 RPM
  • IQ Inverter Motor
  • Aquatronic Wash System
  • Load Balancing Technology
  • 15-Minute Fast Wash
  • End-of-cycle Buzzer
  • Anti-Fluff Program
  • Hydrosafe Leak Detection
  • 58.4cm Depth
  • Pricey

Integrated Washer/Dryer FAQs

Is a washer-dryer combo worth it?

If you need to save space and are tired of working round the unpredictable British weather, a washer-dryer combo is certainly worth it.

Are integrated washer dryers a standard size?

Yes, integrated washer dryers are a standard size so they can fit underneath a kitchen worktop. The size is H82CM x W60CM x D56CM.

Do integrated washer dryers need a vent?

No, integrated washer dryers are condenser dryers so they don't need a vent.

How long do washer dryers take to dry?

Some of the best washer dryers only take an hour to wash and dry a reduced load. However, as these combos are condenser dryers, they do take a little longer than vented tumble dryers.

Where does the fluff go in a washer dryer?

The fluff/lint gets caught by the filter and some may attach to the condenser which is why they should be cleaned regularly.

Where does the fluff go in a washer dryer?

Washer dryers can cost as little as £60 a year to run. However, if you're doing the laundry 3 to 4 times a week, the amount could be closer to £150 per year.