An 8kg washing machine is ideally sized ​for a family-of-four, and not too big to put a drain on your electricity bill. There's easily enough space to fit a big duvet and get a lot of laundry done in one go.

We've analysed over 200 washing machines on the UK market and chosen our best 5 for you.

We do have a bias for tried-and-tested brands, but at the same time don't believe in paying over-the-odds for them!

​Here's our list of the best 8KG washers available in 2018.

The Best 8Kg Washing Machines

​Features To Watch Out For

The following are some of the ​ factors you need to take into consideration when drawing up your shortlist of 8kg washing machines​. ​

Energy Rating

Washing machines are rated based on how energy-efficient they are. 

The highest grade is A+++, and the lower end of the scale in 2018 tends to be A+.

You can expect A+++ models to make good use of water and electricity, but they often cost more, too.

​We have also reviewed the best energy-saving ​washers here.

Water Remaining

​Washing machine manufacturer's don't tend to advertise these ratings - but they should.

​The more water left in the drum after the cycle completes, the more time (and energy!) you have to spend drying your clothes.

You can expect the best washers in 2018 to leave around 50% or less. An average model will leave around 55%.

Spin Speed

Spin speed does get a lot of advertising print, but it pays to be objective in this area. The models on the market today range in speed from 1600 rpm to around 1100 rpm.

Generally, you can make the argument that a faster spin speed is better. All things being equal it will lead to a quicker, higher-quality laundry performance.

However, there are some caveats to this. The first is that many machines don't reach top speed for very long. Only certain cycles (like cottons) can run at full-speed.

A faster spin speed also creates more noise - and you can expect to pay more for them.

That's why models that offer variable spin speed are a real bonus and you should look out for them.

Noise Level

Everybody knows that quiet washing machines are much better than ones that sound like a jumbo jet in the kitchen!

Still, you do need to be careful comparing washing machines. They are rated in decibels (db) and the general  range is between 70db - 80db at high spin.

However, 80db is in fact double the noise of 70 db.

​When making our lists and reviews, we always give extra marks for the quietest models.

Available Programs

You'll find a lot of difference between the type and amount of programs that various models offer.

Expect to see things like intelligent load balancing (which adjust the water and total cycle time), sports programs, anti-allergy programs and spcial programs for babies and toddler from the more expensive models.

Quick Wash

Another feature where different models vary is with "Quick Wash".

The best machines usually have a reduced-load program (typically half the total capacity) where it finishes in just 15-minutes.

Some models take 20 or 30 minutes, and some cheap washing machines don't have this feature at all!

​Delay Timer

​One final feature where models vary is the delay timer.

​Really you should expect your new washing machine to have a 24-hour timer. This just makes it a lot quicker and easier to set.

You will find quite a few models with less than 24-hours though.

​Our 8KG Washer Reviews

With a reputation for quality machines that are often advanced and innovative, Zanussi can be replied upon to deliver the goods. 

​​This 8kg model has the highest energy rating possible - A+++.

​It uses 190kw/h per year and costs approximately £30 to run - which is pretty good for this size.

And at just under 10,000 litres a year, water usage is also very decent too.

Zanussi ZWF81240W

The ZWF81240W has a 1200 rpm spin speed, which might put some off.

What it lacks in spinning, it certainly makes up for in programmes. You get a good array including a jeans wash, sports wash and an easy iron function.

This model also uses Zanussi's "Aquafall" technology, which showers your clothes as opposed to soaking them. This helps save water.

Sadly, there are one or two drawbacks to report about this machine.

There is a "Quick wash" - but it's pretty lengthy at 30 minutes.

There isn't a 24-hour delay timer. Instead you get a choice of either 3, 6, or 9 hours.

And lastly, the guarantee is a bit miserly at just 1 year.

Still, this is a ​cheap 8KG washing machine ​which is available at a competitive price.

For it's energy-efficiency and choice of programmes it shouldn't be overlooked.


  • ​A+++ Rated
  • Great choice of  programmes
  • Low water usage
  • Aquafall Technology
  • Quick Wash
  • Child Lock
  • ​Budget Price


  • ​No 24-Hour Timer
  • ​Only 1 Year Warranty

​If you're looking for an 8kg washer that won't break the bank and is still super-efficient - you'll love the Bosch EcoSilence.

​This Serie 6 model has been awarded top marks - A+++ for energy-efficiency.

It uses just 135kw / h per year and costs an estimated £20.

That's incredibly cheap and around 30% more efficient than the previous Zanussi model.

Water usage is also less than the Zanussi at just 9,460 lires per year.

Bosch Serie 6

This model has a spin-speed of 1400 rpm and it's pretty quiet - putting out 767b during high-spin but just 51db during regular spin.

That makes it one of the quietest washing machines on the market.

This is a nice video from Bosch showing how the Ecosilence works.

You also get a nice range of programmes with this one.

As well as a 15-minute quick wash, there is a mixed-load setting which takes just an hour to wash at 40 degrees.

​This model makes use of Bosch's "ActiveWater" smart technology, which automatically weighs your load and adjusts water and cycle-time accordingly.

There's even a feature where you can stop the cycle and add things to it (like socks!) and start it up again.

All-in-all, there's not downside to this machine. It ticks so many boxes and the price seems pretty reasonable, too.


  • ​A+++ Rated
  • ​Very Quiet
  • Low water usage
  • ​Load Balancing Tech.
  • 15-minute Quick Wash
  • Child Lock
  • ​2-Year Warranty


  • No Sports Programme

While some may be wary of their mobile phones, Samsung's washing machines have been getting a lot of praise in the UK lately.

​​This 8kg model is from their "EcoBubble" range and like many on this list is A+++ rated for energy-efficiency.

Using 166kw/ h and estimated to cost £25 a year, that puts it in between the Zanussi and Bosch models reviewed above.

One area where it beats both of these is water consumption.

Samsung Ecobubble 8kg

This model uses just 8,400 litres of water a year!
This is largely due to Samsung's "Ecobubble" technology​. ​

Water, detergent and air a​re mixed together as they enter the bottom of the drum. This helps use less water and soak clothes at the same time.

This bubble method also helps keep detergent residue to a minimum, and there's also an eco-drum cleaning cycle - which makes cleaning a lot easier.

​There are 14 different programmes, including a 15-minute quick wash, a mixed-load cycle and variable-spin cycles, too.

The only area this one loses points is on the noise front. For a 1400 rpm ​machine, it is relatively noisy at 79db during high-spin.

However, many users love how easy-to-use this particular model is and the generous 5-year warranty.


  • ​A+++ Rated
  • Low water usage
  • ​​EcoBubble Tech
  • 15-minute Quick Wash
  • Child Lock
  • ​Drum Cleaning Pre-Set
  • ​5-Year Warranty


  • ​Not as quiet as some

Indesit has a strong reputation for quality, simple to use and no-frills appliances at excellent prices, and this practical and usable washing machine is no exception. 

We’ll start by pointing out that this one is less than half the price of some on this list, and yet it performs very well.

​This one scores A++ for energy-efficiency. That's not the best - but it still only uses 200 kw/h per year and costs £30 to run.

Water usage is also higher at an estimate 11,594 litres a year.

Indesit 8kg

​So you might be wondering just how it got on our list.

Well, the price is fantastic and it also has a 1400 rpm. At 78 db, it's reasonably quiet, too.

What is surprising (for the price) is there are 16 programmes, including a 20-minute fast wash, a sports programme and also one for babies.

In fact, "My Time" is all about convenience, and there are 6 programmes which finish up in under an hour. This makes it perfect for busy families with kids of all ages.

​This model also uses load balancing technology which automatically adjusts the water and cycle time to the weight of the load.

​You do only get a 1-year warranty, but you'd probably expect that at this price point.

​Overall, ​whilst not the most environmentally-friendly washer, it is certainly the best 8kg washing machine for the money in 2018.


  • Great Price
  • ​Quick Wash
  • Load Balancing​ Tech
  • ​Lots of programmes
  • ​1400rpm spin
  • ​Quiet


  • ​Not A+++ Rated
  • Uses a lot of water

Hoover has been a household name in the UK for many decades.

​Their DXC58BC3 is unusual in two main ways.

First, it is black (and for some reason black washing machines are pretty rare) and the 2nd is it's 1500 rpm spin,

​Again, 1500 rpm is really unusual but it makes this model the fastest on our list.

Hoover DXC58BC3

But how is it for washing performance?

Well, it's rated A+++ for energy-efficiency, tough strangely it uses 252 kw/h per year / £25 - which is the highest on our list.

The water consumption is pretty avearge at 10,494 litres for the year, but it does only leave 47% behind after a cycle. This is great as it will mean your clothes are dryer most other machines.

At 79db during fast-spin and 58db during regular operation, it's pretty average on the noise front.

​Where this Hoover model stands out is with its wide range of w​ programmes. There are 19 in total, including a 15-minute quick wash, a 60-minute "Everyday" wash and also a half-load function.

There's also a variable spin and variable temperature settings to make better use of water and energy. It also senses the load capacity and adjusts the water level, too.

Hoover only provide a 1-year warranty with this one, but they do provide a 10-year parts guarantee which is pretty generous.

All in all, this is another 8kg washing machine that is excellent value for money.​ It's also perfect if you're trying to match black kitchen appliances, too.


  • Great Price
  • ​A+++ Energy Rated
  • ​​1500rpm Spin-Speed
  • Load Balancing​ Tech
  • ​Variable Spin & Temp
  • ​​15-Min Quick Wash
  • ​​Removes a lot of water
  • ​​​10-year parts guarantee


  • ​Uses a lot of electricity

​Our Top Pick

​After surveying the best 8kg washing machines available in 2018, we believe the Samsung Ecobubble as our top pick.

We love how low the running costs are, the great use of technology and the 5-year warranty.

And best of all - it's available at a sensible price.

Samsung WW80J5555EW ECOBUBBLE 1400rpm Washing Machine 8kg Load SMART Class A+++
2 Reviews
Samsung WW80J5555EW ECOBUBBLE 1400rpm Washing Machine 8kg Load SMART Class A+++
  • H:850mm x W:600mm x D:550mm
  • 8KG Load Capacity
  • Wash:62dB Spin:79dB

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