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There's loads of reasons you might want to get an steam ironing press.

They're ideal for linen and bedding if you're running a small hotel, B & B or a nursing home. They're also great for people with bad backs and the elderly. You can sit down to use them and there's a lot less effort involved.

Steam presses can reduce the time it takes to do the ironing by at least 50% so many people say they wish they made the switch sooner!

We've put together a shortlist of our best 5 steam ironing presses on the UK market in 2022. Scroll down for reviews of each!

The Best  Steam Ironing Presses of 2022

Our Steam Press Reviews

For those of you that have a B & B or a small hotel - or just want something that is super heavy-duty - then the Speedpress Ultra XL is for you.

I say that because it's got a large opening angle which makes double-sized sheets, table clothes and other linens a breeze.

Happy users say it cuts their ironing time in half and back ache is a thing of the past.

It's non-stick Teflon plate is 24 times the size of a regular iron and measures 90 cm x 31 cm. (Just smaller than a regular ironing board).

That means you can press (or steam!) king-size bedding with ease.

You can use the Speedypress as a dry press or a steam press that doesn't spray out water. So unlike with a lot of steam generator irons, you won't need to put a towel down to catch the excess water.

This ironing press is also really easy to use. There's a digital display which lets you select the temperature and the pressure.

You can move the press down with your fingertips and it will add the ironing pressure by itself. There are multiple dry and steam settings. These include a steam burst that you can use before lowering the press to remove stubborn creases and wrinkles.

There's also a couple of really important safety features. The steam press has an auto shut-off if the plate is left down for more than 10 seconds. You'll also hear a beeping sound. The press also shuts off when left in the raised position for more than 15 minutes (in case you forget to turn it off).

It's easy to iron regular shirts and trousers. The buttons and clasps will be pushed down into the soft felt for a crease-free finish.

What I really like about this one is it's 2600W but only uses the same electricity as a regular iron. This is because of the way the heating plate has been designed.

The only downside (other than the price) is like most steam ironing presses, storing them could be a hassle. You'll need to find some space and the press itself weighs 16 KG - however there is a handle to make carrying it easier.

To sweeten the deal, Speedypress provide a 12-month warranty and say their commercial-grade product is good for 200-hours of ironing a year.

This all makes the Speedypress Ultra XL a strong contender for the best heavy-duty ironing press on the market in 2022.

  • 24 X larger than an iron
  • Use with / without steam
  • Easy-to-use
  • 10-second auto-off
  • Large 300 ml water tank with anti-scale filter
  • Uses the same power as an iron
  • Made in the UK
  • Hard to store

This is the second model from Speedypress on our list. But as they're made in the UK and make some of the best ironing presses - I'm going to make an exception!

The full name of this one is a bit of a mouthful: "Super Mega Premier Double-Size Steam Ironing Press".

It's similar in design to the heavy-duty 101-HDS we reviewed above. But it still creates 100lbs of pressure to get rid of the creases from your clothing and fabrics.

As it available at a lower price point than the 101-HDS there are a few key differences.

The first one is the size. This measures 80cm x 31cm - which is 15X the size of a regular iron.

It's rated at 1600W and has 38 powered-steam jets that will do all the hard word for you. As you can see from the photo (above) there's an adjustable stand that means you can even do your ironing sorry, "pressing" when sitting down.

This makes it perfect for the elderly or those who find standing up and ironing a struggle (and who doesn't a lot of the time?!). All you need to do is sit, pull the handle and press the button for steam and it's done!

The board is also detachable from the stand, so you can put it on a tabletop or counter if you prefer. Like the 101-HD, there is a digital temperature / pressure which makes it incredibly easy to use.

Speedypress provide a 12-month warranty and say this ironing press is god for 150 hours a year - that's over 6 whole days or ironing!

To sweeten the deal a replacement felt cover (RRP £39) is included free.

If you want to cut down your ironing time and never want to struggle with sheets and bedding again - this one is ideal.

  • 100lbs of pressing power
  • Simple & Easy To Use
  • Adjustable stand lets you sit and press
  • 38 high-powered steam jets
  • 15 times bigger than an iron
  • Free replacement cover
  • Made in the UK
  • Too small for king size duvets

One of the few complaints that these steam ironing presses get is it takes a little bit of time to learn how to use them.  Fast Press have acknowledged this and included a free DVD with their ironing system. 

But is it really that difficult to use and how does it compare with the other presses on our list?

Well, similar to the Speedypress model above, this one gives you 42 KGs of pressure per-square-inch. Fast Press say that's 5 times more pressure than at the dry cleaners.

The pressing area is 62 cm  x 25 cm which is smaller than the two presses above.

This means it's a bit of the short side to do longer items. People do press king size duvets and sheets but it's a bit fiddly.

There is a large gap at the back so you can fold them up and then gently pull them through. However, the size of the hot plate makes it perfect for shirts, skirts, blouses and jeans.

Another good feature with this particular model is the energy consumption. At just 1500W it's much more energy efficient than many steam generator irons.

The only drawback is the weight. It's 14 kg so not everybody finds it easy to put on a table and take off again. However, there is a weighted pressing arm which makes it easy for everybody to operate.

The other thing you need to know is this is both a dry press and a steam press. Fast Press do sell dry presses only as a separate model.

All in all, if you're not doing loads and loads of bedding, this is a great steam ironing press for the price.

  • 5X more pressure than dry cleaners
  • Tabletop operation
  • Dry or Steam Press
  • Perfect for shirts, jeans, tops, etc
  • Less energy consumption than most steam irons 
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • 2-Year Guarantee
  • No stand included
  • Too heavy for some

Singer is probably a name you're familiar with from making some of the best sewing machines in the world for over 150 years. So how good are their ironing presses?

Well, the first thing to note about the ESP2 is its size. It's got a pressing area of 60.9 cm x 22.8 cm. That makes it about 14 times the size of an iron.

This is roughly the same size as the Fast Press model we reviewed above. It's also has 100 lbs per-square-inch of pressing power which will help your clothes and linen be crease free in no time.

The real difference between this and a more expensive model is there isn't an LED display. You still get variable steam and temperature and using it is pretty straightforward with buttons, knobs and lights.

There are five different settings to get your ironing just perfect - nylon, silk, wool cotton, and linen. This size does make king-size duvets a bit tricky. But experienced users say once you get the hang of folding them correctly it becomes a doddle.

As you can see from the photo (above) this is a tabletop steam press. It weighs 10 kg, which is a couple of kgs less than some tabletop models. That helps getting it on or off your tables and counters.

There is an auto-off shut-off and it plays an alarm to let you know it's finished. Like all these designs storage may be a problem. However, you can clip it together and stand it up so it doesn't take up too much space.

As you'd expect from a reputable company like Singer, they offer a 2-year guarantee. The only drawback is replacement covers are hard to find. But the ironing pads are washable and seem to hold up well.

All in all, if you don't mind a bit of folding with the bigger sheets and duvet covers, the ESP2 is a great ironing press for the price.

  • Trusted Brand
  • Tabletop Design
  • 14X larger than an iron
  • 100 lbs of pressure per square inch
  • Washable ironing pads
  • 2-year guarantee
  • A bit fiddly for larger sheets / duvet covers
  • Replacement covers hard to find

Yes UK Laptronix Steam Iron Press

If you're looking for value for money - check out the last ironing pressing on on our list. The Laptronix from Yes UK.

As you can see from the photo (left) this is a tabletop design similar to many of the above.

However, it's usually priced a lot lower. So do you get what you pay for?

Well, according to long time users love the Laptronix.

Measuring 63cm x 26cm, it's a bit bigger than the Singer model we reviewed above. This size also means you can get "Universal" replacement covers fairly easily.

Like the Singer, pressing large sheets and linen is a problem until you get the hang of it. One way that people recommend is to ion the sheet in horizontal strips and then move it to the back. A bit like paper coming out of a printer!

There's the standard five settings - nylon, silk, wool, cotton and linen. And like all the presses on the list you can use it as a dry press or as a steam press.

What's also great for the price is the pressure sensitive handle. This means you can close it with your fingertips and then 100 lbs of pressure will automatically be applied.

This is great for elderly uses or those with back pain as they can sit at a table, pull the handle and press the button for steam - that's it!

It's really easy to use with lights to let you know when it's on (red), when it's ready (green) and when the steam's ready (yellow).

At around 12 KG, it's about the same weight as the others on our list. We note that people in their 70's and 80's say the handle makes lifting it onto the table easy.

One drawback with this one is refilling the 300 ml water tank is not as intuitive as it could be. You need to pull the transparent tank towards you to uncover the "secret" hole to fill up with water. You can also pull it all out and fill up at the sink.

Another thing you need to know is that the warranty is only valid for 1 year. Or 3 months if you use it in a commercial setting.

But for the low price, this could be the best steam ironing press for the money in 2022.

  • Energy-efficient - 1600W
  • 100 lbs of pressing power
  • Pressure sensitive handle
  • Easy-to-use
  • Variable steam & temperatures
  • Can press sitting down
  • Only 1-Year Warranty
  • Water tank is puzzling at first

Steam Ironing Press FAQs

1. Which ironing press is best?

The best ironing press depends on how much - and how often - you iron. If you're doing a lot of king-size sheets and duvets the larger-sized presses are certainly better.

2. How do you use an ironing press?

An ironing press is much simpler to use than a regular iron. All you usually need to do is place your clothing or linen inside, pull down the pressure-assisted handle, and press the button for steam. Job done!

3. Is a steam press better than an iron?

A steam press can be better than an iron for some uses and people. They're great for large duvet covers, sheets and tablecloths. They also make things much easier for the elderly and for those with bad backs.

4. How do you iron sheets with a steam press?

How you iron sheets depends on the size of the steam press. With the smaller designs you need to iron in horizontal strips and feed the rest of the sheet out the back. So look for presses which have space at the back to do this.

5. Any more tips for using steam ironing presses?

Yes, a good tip is to buy a cheap pair of heat proof gloves when you're first getting started. The plate is hot and this will protect your hands from accidental burns when you're getting used to folding cloths.

Also, if you live in a hard water area, buy a press with a limescale filter or use deionized water.