We can't always rely on the weather in the UK, so a small tumble dryer makes an excellent "Plan B".

Vented tumble dryers are cheap and can do a good job, but you need to place them near a door, window, or have vent put in the wall for the tube.

If you don't have the space, there are a lot of small condenser dryers on the UK market. With these appliances, you don't need an external vent fitted, or need to hang anything out of the window.

On this page, we'll look at five of the best models for 2019.

The Best Small Condenser Dryers

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Before we give you details of the top five, lets have a look at what a condenser tumble dryer is, and why it should be your choice.

What is a Condenser Tumble Dryer?

The beauty of a condenser tumble dryer is that it does not need the external venting, so there is no need to find a place where that cumbersome hose can go outside.

This means you can put it in bedrooms or even the living room, but you do need to make sure it is in a well-ventilated room, as there will be excess heat from the machine.

The trick is that the dryer condenses the warm, damp air by certain means – it’s a similar process to that used in a dehumidifier into water, which is then collected in a reservoir or tray.

The tray does need to be emptied quite regularly, yet the benefit of being able to put the machine where you want is very welcome.

Condenser dryers may be more expensive than their vented cousins in some cases. However, only the best priced dryers have made our list.

Features You Need To Consider

We would include size of the machine in this section, but as all of those listed are standard for under the counter use, here’s what you need to think about!

Capacity – the more people in your household, the bigger dryer you will need. There’s a choice of 7 kg and 8 kg models on our list, so choose accordingly to fit your washing machine.

Functions – you need to make sure your chosen machine has all the features and functions that you need and will use, so have a look in depth at the manufacturer specifications for anti-crease features, available programmes and more.
Energy Efficiency – these machines are rated either B or C; the former is better, so for more efficient running choose the best one you can afford.

Noise Level – note that the dB scale is not linear; in other words, 75 dB is a lot louder than, say, 68 dB! None of these are silent machines, but some are quieter than others.

Size - It's likely your after a condenser tumble dryer that can fit into a small space.

These appliances tend to be a but narrower than washing machines, the same depth and just a little bit taller.

To give you some idea, the smallest on our list is sized 54cm wide by 60cm deep  by 85cm tall.

Small Condenser Tumble Dryer Reviews

Using the above features as a reference point, here are our reviews of the best small tumble dryers of 2019.

The Hotpoint brand comes with a guarantee of quality and reliability, and their kitchen appliances are in millions of our homes in the UK.

The FETC70BP is small, compact and designed to sit under any counter. 

For reference, the dimensions are 59.5 cm wide x 61 cm deep x 85 cm tall.

As it's also just under three feet tall, this allows you to stack it if you wanted to.

With a capacity of 7 kg, it can handle the average washing load for a small family.

An interesting feature this particular model has is "Anti-Tangle Technology", which allows your clothes to come out individually, and not in one big heap!

In terms of energy-efficiency, this appliance is rated at "B", and you'll seldom find a condenser dryer with an "A" rating.

It's great that Hotpoint have installed a warning light to let you know when to empty the water, and also the lint filter. This is really important, as too much lint can cause a fire hazard.

On the noise scale, it puts out 69 db, which is about the sound of a vacuum cleaner. It's not the quietest on our list, but it's about average for a modern dryer.

For further peace of mind, the Hotpoint FETC0BP comes with a 12-month parts and labour guarantee.  As a bonus, they also offer free replacement parts for the first 10 years!


  • 7 KG Capacity
  • Small & Compact
  • Stackable
  • Anti-tangle technology
  • Reasonably Quiet
  • Warning Light For Filters
  • 12-Months Parts & Labour Warranty


  • No Anti-Crease Settings
  • No Child Lock

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Beko is an award-winning brand, and their appliances are finding their way into more UK homes.

The DTGC7000W is a small condenser dryer in size (54 cm x 59.5 cm x 84.6 cm), but it's 7kg capacity makes it suitable for a small family.

For us, two things really sell this model.

The first is that it's Energy-Efficiency is rated "B", which is higher than the "C" that many tumble dryers are awarded.

The second is that everything about this machine is easy to use. The controls are intuitive (though a lack of a countdown timer has been lamented) and users report both the water and lint filters are easy to clean and change.

Performance wise, you can expect the Beko DC7000W to dry synthetic clothes in around 60 minutes. Cottons and jeans will take a bit longer, and you're best of leaving those for 135 minutes.

Another consideration with this model is it has a 2-meter long power cord. This helps if you're placing it in a bedroom or living room.

There is a one-year manufacturers guarantee included, and this can be extended at an additional cost.


  • 7 KG Capacity
  • Small & Compact
  • Stackable
  • "B" Rated Energy-Efficiency
  •  Quiet - 66DB
  • Warning Light For Filters
  • 12-Months Manufacturers Warranty


  • No Countdown Timer

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Indesit is one of the most trusted brands for laundry appliances.

This dryer is an 8 kg condenser dryer, so it's perfect if you have a larger washing machine or family.

Although it has a larger capacity, this model is still small and compact, measuring 59.5 cm x 54 cm x 84.6 cm.

This allows it to fit under most counters and it is stackable.

There are a few reasons we've chosen to include this Indesit model on our list. 

The first is that it uses "Sensor Technology" to monitor the moisture and temperature levels inside the machine. So they indicate that your clothes are dry the machine automatically shuts off.

This is a great feature to save energy (and it has been awarded level "B" which is above-average for tumble dryers) but also ensure your clothes are not so bone dry they can stand up on their own!

The dual rotation of the drum prevents your clothes tangling together. It's also quiet at 66 db and actually one of the quietest on our list.

There are 15 different drying features which includes "Cool Tumble", a feature designed to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

As well as an array of features, you can also get this one in black or silver.

The Indesit Sensor is a great little condenser dryer, but it is priced slightly higher than others on our list - all be it with a larger capacity.

You also get a 1-year manufacturers warranty and ten years for parts included in the price.


  • Large 8 KG Capacity
  • Small & Compact
  • Stackable
  • "B" Rated Energy-Efficiency
  •  Very Quiet
  • Sensor Technology
  • 16 Drying Programs
  • Available in Black & Silver
  • 10 Years Parts Warranty


  • Relatively Expensive

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Hoover might be more well-known for their vacuums, but people also love their tumble dryers, too.

This is a fantastic model and is sized 59.5 cm (W) x 58.5 cm (D) x 85 cm (H).

Why do I like it?

Well, I'm a bit leery of ALL tumble dryers after the problems these appliances have had in the past.

That's why I'm impressed with how Hoover has addressed this.

Firstly, this has sensor drying technology. That means it it automatically detects the moisture content and stops spinning.

Also, if you open the door mid-cycle it will automatically stop the drum.

There's also a countdown timer which is incredibly useful - and many models frustratingly don't have.

And most importantly of all it tells you when you the water and lint needs emptying. Again - not every dryer has this...

It also connects to your smartphone so you can set recommended cycles and even get some expert advice. ​

There are 16 drying programmes, and 4 different drying levels depending on the material.

On the downside, the delay timer only goes up to 9 hours. And at 69 dbs, it's not the quietest on our list.

However, for the price and range of drying options, it's definitely up there with the best condenser dryers of 2019. 


  • 8KG Drying Capacity
  • Sensor-Drying Tech
  • 24-hour Delay Timer
  • Automatic Drum Stop
  • Quiet @ 65 db
  • Reverse Action
  • Countdown Timer
  • Filter and Water Alarms


  • Only 9-hour delay timer

It shows how cheap tumble dryers are becoming when you can get ones that connect to your smartphone for this price!

The Candy GVSC8DG is 8KG so perfect for a medium-sized family.

Despite its size it still only measures the standard (H)85.0 x (W)59.5 x (D)61.0 cm

This makes it compact enough to go under a counter, but it is a little big to stack on a washing machine (though some people do!) It can be kept in a cupboard as long as you open the door during use.

It's rated "B" for energy (like most condeser dryers) and at 68 dbs it's pretty quiet, too.

What really impresses me about this model is it has features that similar priced dryers don't have.

There is the "Smart Touch" feature which lets you monitor and add programs via your smart-phone.

Candy have also added "Sensor Drying Technology". This will stop your dryer when there's no more moisture - so it saves you energy ​and your clothes will come out fluffy and dry.

Speaking of fluffy, there's a special drying program for wool and delicates, too. It's also easy to get to and empty the lint tray.

The only downside is their is no warning for when the water reservoir is full. So you need to remember to empty after every cycle.

There's also no child proof lock so this could be a problem if you have a toddler (or two!) running around.

If you're after a large capacity yet compact condenser dryer, this Candy model is great value for money


  • Large 8 KG Capacity
  • B-Rated Energy Efficency
  • Monitor From Smartphone
  • Sensor-Drying Technology
  • Reverse-Tumble
  • 24-hour delay timer
  • Economically Priced


  • No reservoir full alarm
  • No Child Proof lock

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Which Condenser Dryer is Best for 2019?

In putting together this list, we tried to provide a good selection from the best brands available in the UK. We also tried to choose models that could fit into different types of budgets, too.

However, if I had to choose just one, I would go with the Beko DTGC7000w.


Well, in addition to doing all the things you'd expect it to do, it also has an alarm to let you know the lint filter is full.

There are many stories of tumble dryers catching fire, so this for me is an ESSENTIAL FEATURE. Why all makes and models don't have it I just don't know!

There's also a child lock (I have kids) - which again some on our list don't have (why?!). There's also an alarm to let you know the cycle has finished.

So for me, these three features set the Beko apart and the price is definitely alright.