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When I was at Uni, a spin dryer was a real life-saver.  Our flat didn't have a garden so my options for drying clothes were really limited.

Granted, the dryer I had was 2nd hand (as you would expect from a poor student). I often had to lean over it to stop it bouncing out the window - but it got the job done.

The latest range of clothes spinners are much better than the 20-year old model that I had. They are also perfect if you do a lot of hand-washing, or need something for a caravan or boat.

Here are our picks for the best spin dryers on the UK market in 2022.

  The Best Spin Dryers Of 2022

English Electric Gravity Drain Spin Dryer 28009EEWP 5.2kg A+++
English Electric Gravity Drain Spin Dryer 28009EEWP 5.2kg A+++
【Large Capacity 5.2kg Capacity】. Dimensions Height 65cm, Width 35cm, Depth 42cm
£189.99 −£10.00 £179.99
Thomas 776 SEK Large Capacity 4.5kg Spin Dryer
Thomas 776 SEK Large Capacity 4.5kg Spin Dryer
The Thomas Centri 776 SEK Large capacity 4.5kg is a quality spin dryer made in Germany; Washing liquid deposits are significantly reduced.
3kg Gravity Spin Dryer In White 2800rpm, 350W - SIA SD3WH
3kg Gravity Spin Dryer In White 2800rpm, 350W - SIA SD3WH
2 Years Parts & Labour Guarantee; 2800 RPM Max Spin Speed; Single Hand Safety Switch; Stainless Steel Drum
Indesit NISDG 428 Freestanding Top Load Vented Dryer, 4kg drying load, White
Indesit NISDG 428 Freestanding Top Load Vented Dryer, 4kg drying load, White
4kg; Compact Size; Vented Dryer; Included components: Product

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Our Top Spin Dryer Pick for 2022

We're going with the Montpellier Spin Dryer as our top pick. At 2800 rpm, it spins twice as fast as most washing machines and this helps remove a lot of the water remaining. Also, you get a 2-year parts and labour warranty for added peace of mind.

For some reason, spin dryers are a dying breed and this one is out-of-stock a lot. Click the link below to see if it's available!

Montpellier MSD2800W | Freestanding 3kg 2800rpm Gravity Spin Dryer – White 16.5 x 16.5 x 23.5
299 Reviews
Montpellier MSD2800W | Freestanding 3kg 2800rpm Gravity Spin Dryer – White 16.5 x 16.5 x 23.5
  • Peace of Mind: This top rated compact spin dryer from Montpellier is covered with a parts and labour warranty for a whole 2 years, for your peace of...
  • Perfect Size: If you thought you didn’t have space for a dryer in your home, think again. The Montpellier MSD2800W gravity spin dryer is perfect for...
  • Innovative Design: Although small, don’t be deceived by the size! The Montpellier MSD2800W has a load capacity of 3kg and packs quite a punch....

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How Do Spin Dryers Work?

A conventional tumble dryer, whether vented or condenser, works by using hot air directed into the machine combined with the spinning effect of the drum.

This means the machine needs a heating element, which is not the most energy or cost-effective method of drying clothes.

Likewise, if you use a combined washer/dryer, you have the same need for heating, and in either case you need to get rid of the heat without it dissipating into the room and causing damp.

A spin dryer works without the need for heat. Typically, it is a vertically mounted drum that spins at very high speeds, driving the damp out of the laundry without the use of heat. Therefore, it can be cheaper to run, and also to buy. Furthermore, they are usually top-loading so take up less space.

There are a couple of things you should be aware of, however: they can be very noisy, thanks to the high spin speeds, and they also tend to crease clothes more than a conventional dryer.

But, for people with limited space and a lower budget, this may be the way to go. 

5 Features To Look Out For

What do you need to look for when choosing a new spin dryer?  Here are some points to consider:

1. Available Space – one of the benefits of a spin drier is that it is top-loading, so you do not need to factor in space for opening the door.

These models all take up very limited floor space, and as they have no plumbing necessary, can be placed anywhere there is suitable power and ventilation.

2. Capacity – the spin dryers we have featured offer between 4kg and 6kg capacity; so they can be used for small washing machine loads, or just the essentials like jeans and towels.

3. Speed – you need a spin speed of 2800rpm – the standard for these – to get rid of excess water effectively, as anything less will not be efficient.

4. Gravity or Pump Drain
- Spin dryers have two main types of drainage systems, gravity drain, in which the water is drained away naturally, and those with pumps that aid the process. The latter are usually more expensive.

5. Energy and Noise – Spin dryers can be quiet noisy - and that's just down to how they work. We've tried to choose models that are quiet and as energy efficient as possible. 

Along with value for money, these are the main feature we considered when compiling our spin dryer reviews.

Spin Dryer Reviews: Our Top 5

If you're in the market for a more "Heavy-Duty" spin dryer with a larger drying capacity, this OneConcept model could be the one for you.

With a 6 Kg load capacity and 2,800 r.p.m speed, it can handle a full-washing load for a couple, or the essential for an entire family. And the really great thing is the drying cycle time is just 2 - 3 minutes - which is incredibly quick!

This oneConcept design is very simple to use, surprisingly compact for the capacity, and is a gravity drain machine.

Note that, as with most of these, you need a separate container to collect the water.

There are also safety locks that can bring the spinner  to a halt in just a few seconds. 

With a self-stabilizing mechanism, this machine is somewhat quieter than some of the others in its class. There also non-slip feet to stop it bouncing around, too.

It dimensions are 35 cm x 65.5 cm x  41.5 cm, which is pretty compact. However, on the downside it does weigh 13.7 kg. This will make it harder to move around, but the weight will provide a more stable base when spinning.

All in all, this is a good model that offers excellent capacity and performance.

It is priced much higher than others on our list, but is a great choice if you want a dryer that can handle a larger capacity.

  • Sleek Silver Design
  • Self-Stabilizing
  • Large 6 KG Load Capacity
  • Can Use on Countertop
  • 2800 R.P.M
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Compact
  • Relatively Heavy 
  • Expensive

The Thomas 4800 RPM spin dryer is the very model of German efficiency.

It's a quiet, light and spins twice-as-fast as a regular washing machine. It also holds 4.5kg so you can get all the really wet stuff from your load in there like jeans, shirts and towels.

Measuring just 35cm by 35cm by 66cm, it's also very compact and easy to store.

This makes it perfect if you're looking for something to fit into a small space, or for your caravan or boat.

It weighs around 9kg, so it's reasonably easy to carry and a few kilograms lighter than others on our list.

What I love about these spinners is there's no heating element (so nothing can catch fire) and they're incredibly fast. The cycle time is just 3 - 5 minutes for cottons and in that time they'll take out around 40% of the excess water.

This has left people really impressed with how dry their clothes are after use. Whilst they won't be ready-to-wear, they shouldn't need line-drying and be ready for ironing.

There are a couple of downsides to mention.  It doesn't come with a spin mat, so this needs to be bought separately. And as it's from Germany, you also need to use an adapter plug.

However, it is covered by a full 1-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

  • German Made
  • 2-Year Manufacturer's Guarantee
  • 1-Year Labour Warranty
  • Anti-crease
  • Pretty Quiet For A Spinner
  • Light & Compact
  • 2800 rpm spin speed
  • Expensive
  • No Spin Mat

A well-known name in household appliances, Indesit offers this very compact – similar in size to that above – spin dryer that does exactly what you would expect it to.

This Indesit Spinner holds 4 kg of washing, so it's perfect for a single person or if you want to dry your delicates quickly.

It is a gravity drain model, so you need a container for the water, but you can put it anywhere, and is light enough for grandmothers to move around with ease.

You get a 2800 rpm spin speed – again, this is pretty much the norm for one of these and is the optimum for getting the water out of clothes – and a number of timer settings from very easy to understand controls.

It's also light and compact measuring 34.8 cm x 34.8 cm x 62 cm, so it could also be ideal if you're looking for something for a caravan or a boat.

The energy efficiency rated is "C" overall, so that's not the best, but this is the average for these types of appliance.

One real drawback is that it's quite loud with an output of 75dB. This is louder than the average vacuum cleaner, and quite a bit louder than the previously reviewed Thomas model.

Another thing you do need to be wary of with this model is it will bounce around a bit if you don't load it properly. Like most spinners, this can take a while until you get the knack.

A big plus for this Indesit spin dryer is it comes with massive 10-year parts warranty and one-year free labour.

If you're looking for a spinner from a brand you can trust - this is it.

  • Trusted Brand
  • 10-Year Parts Warranty
  • Compact
  •  Ideal For Caravan or Boat
  • 2800 rpm spin speed
  • Easy Operation
  • Not The Quietist

The White Knife 28009 is a good-looking, really compact spin dryer that still has a 4 KG drum size. This makes it perfect sized to care of the essentials, or you could run it twice to cover a family-sized load of washing.

This model has a spin speed of 2800rpm; this is about the standard speed for a spin dryer and – make note – is around twice that of the fastest tumble dryers.

It has a stainless-steel drum for durability and a locking lid, to stop young hands from prying and clothes from getting out during drying.

This model only weighs 4.1 kg, so it's really easy to move around and hide away after use.

It also measures just 64 cm tall by 35 cm wide, which is about twice the size of an average blender. This means it doesn't take up a lot of space, and you could have it on a counter-top.

Although the manufacturer doesn't provide noise specifications (perhaps this depends on how well you load the dryer and where you place it), many users have remarked it's pretty quiet.

If you're looking for something that's light, compact and can still handle a 4 kg load, the White Knight 28009 is a great spinner which won't break the bank.

  • Black & Beautiful
  • 2800 rpm spin-speed
  • Extremely Light & Compact
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • Quiet
  • Comes With Spin Mat
  • Only 4 KG Capacity

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Spin Dryer FAQs

What is a spin dryer used for?

A spin dryer is used to remove the remaining moisture after washing. They can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to dry clothes.

Do spin dryers get clothes dry?

Spin dryers do not get clothes 100% dry. Imagine wringing out a wet t-shirt. You'll never to get it completely dry but you can reduce the time it takes to dry on a line.

How much does a spin dryer cost?

While you can get manual spin dryers pretty cheaply, an electric spin dryer costs between £120 to £180.

Can you rinse in a spin dryer?

No, you can not rinse in a spin dryer as its purpose is to remove excess moisture from your laundry.

How much does a spin dryer weigh?

A premium spin dryer weighs about 10KG. This weight helps make it stable and jump around the kitchen when spinning your clothes!