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If you're searching for a vented tumble dryer for your family, a 7kg model is a great choice - providing you do your research!

After many tumble dryers caught fire, over a hundred models were recalled in 2015. You can check this list on the Which website to see the exact ones.

Many on the list were from Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda. We're sure these manufacturers have upgraded these dryers, but many of the models are still available for sale in the UK.

When putting together our list and reviews, we decided to exclude any from these brands.

This still left us with a few really good dryers available in 2022.

     The Best 7KG Vented

Tumble Dryers of 2022

Zanussi ZTE7101PZ 7Kg Vented Tumble Dryer - White
Zanussi ZTE7101PZ 7Kg Vented Tumble Dryer - White
7kg drum capacity; C energy rating; Vented tumble dryer; 14 drying programmes; Dimensions 850 (H) x 600 (W) x 600 (D)
Russell Hobbs RH7VTD500B 7Kg Vented Tumble Dryer - Free 2 Year Guarantee* (Black)
Russell Hobbs RH7VTD500B 7Kg Vented Tumble Dryer - Free 2 Year Guarantee* (Black)
Huge 7Kg Drying Capacity, enough for up to 35 T-shirts or double size bedding in one load.
electriq Vented Freestanding 7kg Tumble Dryer
electriq Vented Freestanding 7kg Tumble Dryer
7kg drum capacity - great for medium-sized households; Dries your clothes to the perfect level for ironing or storing straight in a cupboard
£231.97 −£9.99 £221.98
Indesit IS41V Freestanding C Rated Vented Tumble Dryer - White
Indesit IS41V Freestanding C Rated Vented Tumble Dryer - White
Cool Cycle: Y; Drying Capacity: 4kg; Drying Type: Vented; EBAY: FixedPriceItem

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Is a 7kg Tumble Dryer The Right Size For Me?

To give you an idea of capacity, a 7kg tumble dryer will be aible to dry a load of 20 hand-towels or 35 t-shirts.

Size wise, they are pretty similar to washing machines, measuring 60cm by 60cm by 85cm on average. You can find some that a few centimeters shorting (like the White Knight on our list).

Usually, people like to match the size of their washing machine with the size of their dryer.

There are many reasons they're different, though. Due to high running costs, some people prefer to use them sparingly, and only as a back-up to drying on a washing line.

Also, the smaller the appliance, the cheaper they (usually) are to buy and run.

Vented Vs Condenser Tumble Dryers

Vented tumble dryers are becoming more of a rarity these days as manufacturer's shift production to the newer condenser design.

However, vented models still have a few advantages for consumers - the main one being they're (usually) cheaper to buy and run.

How They Both Work

As the name suggests, a vented dryer has an exhaust hose which you'll see hanging out of many windows in the UK. You can also get fitted vent kits which can be installed onto walls.

The hose takes the warm air and moisture away from the machine and expels it outside.

The condenser dryer on the other hand has no need for an exhaust hose. It works much like a dehumidifier, with moisture being collected in a water reservoir which you much empty every now and then.

Advantages of Vented Dryers

  • Usually cheaper to purchase and run
  • Usually more energy efficient
  • Less moving parts so easier to maintain
  • Only one filter to clean


  • Need to be near a window or wall vent
  • Can cause a lot of condensation

Advantages of Condenser Dryers

  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Don't need to fix a hose or install a vent
  • More modern design


  • Usually more expensive to buy and run
  • Usually less energy efficient
  • More moving parts 

Features To Consider

Ostensibly, these appliances look very similar and all have the same function - dry your clothes quickly.

When you look closer at each model, you will observe quite a few differences which can impact their performance.

Here are a few to consider:

Lint Cleaning – Due to the fire risk of these appliances, it's absolutely vital the lint tray be easy to get to, remove and clean.

Energy Rating - Tumble dryers are around 3 to 5 times less energy-efficient than washing machines!

You will usually find them rated from A - C,

Quietness – Nobody needs extra noise around the house, especially when baby's asleep or your favourite show is on,

We found dryers which make roughly the same amount of noise as a high-spin washing machine - between 60dbs - 70dbs. One on our list only makes 59db though!

Reversible Action - People generally prefer tumble dryers to have a reversible action. This prevents the clothes from tangling together and getting really creased.

Vent Hose Installation – The best vented tumble dryers will have several options for fixing an exhaust house. This could be the rear, side and front.

Reversible Door - Not all models come with reversible doors. If you're left handed you'll certainly prefer one that does!

Adjustable Feet - Adjustable feet are good feature many dryers don't have.  

They help keep your dryer level even if the ground is not - as is the case with many sheds and garages.

7kg Vented Dryers Reviews

When we compiled our shortlist for review, we tried to choose models from the best brands at the best available prices.

We're sure you'll be able to find something suitable for your home and budget on our list!

If you're in the market for a cheap tumble dryer that's quiet and has good drying power, the Zanussi Lindo 100 is hard to beat.

People love this particular model because it's quick and simple to use.

Simply choose either cottons or synthetics, set your desired drying time and the machine will do the rest!

You can expect the Lindo100 to do a 7kg mixed load of clothes in just 45 minutes. If you're a family and have several loads to do, this can save you quite a bit of time compared to condenser dryers.

It also uses a reverse tumble action that many people prefer. This can prevent clothes from tangling together and makes them easier to iron.

Another thing that is really great about this machine is the noise (or lack thereof!). At just 59 dbs, this is one of the quietest on our list.

It does lack some features, most notable a delay timer and a countdown timer so you know how much time is left.

However, it does have the all-important alarm to let you know the filter is full and needs emptying.

There are also not one but 3 different positions for attaching an exhaust hose. And the lefties out there will be kept happy knowing the large-port door is reversible (with the help of an engineer).

The one big drawback with the Zanussi Lindo100 is it's only rated "C" for Energy efficiency. However, as it's available to buy pretty cheaply this could well balance out.

All in all, this is a great vented dryer for the price.


  • Reverse Action Drum
  • Extremely Quiet
  • Quick Dry Setting
  • Shorter synthetics setting
  • Reversible Door
  • "Filter Full" Alert


  • "C" Rated Energy Efficiency
  • No countdown timer

If you're after a black tumble dryer to fit in with your kitchen's colour scheme, this Russell Hobbs 7kg model is ideal.

Like most vented tumble dryers, the RH7VTD500B is simple and easy to use.

There are settings for the fabric type - cottons, synthetics, mixed - and for how dry you need them - damp, dry or very dry.

If you use one of the pre-set programmes, the dryer will automatically come to a stop. This prevents over-drying and ending up with shrunk clothes!

There is also a 1-hour timer, and you can pause the cycle and open the door to check how dry your clothes are. Or use the pause to put in that extra sock which ran away!

This model doesn't have a reverse-tumble action, but there is an "Anti-crease" setting. If you don't take your clothes out immediately, it will give them a few tumbles to stop them from creasing.

Another big plus with this Russell Hobbs tumble dryer is the filter is easy to get to and clean. It's located just inside the door and slides out easily.

If you're one of the many people who put their tumble dryer in a shed or garage, you'll be pleased to know this Russell Hobbs model has adjustable legs. This let you keep the dryer flat if it's placed on an uneven surface.

There are a few drawbacks with this machine. Like others on our list, it is only rated "C" for energy efficiency. Also, there is no audible alarm to let you know the cycle has finished.

Another couple of things to be aware of are the door not being reversible, and only having one location (bottom left at the rear) for the extractor hose. There is no side or front option with this one.

It is pleasing to see that Russell Hobbs do offer an extra year's guarantee (making two in total) when you register this product. As most manufacturers offer the bare 1-year mininimum I like this a lot!

If you are thinking of putting a tumble dryer in your shed or garage, this Russell Hobbs model should be on your shortlist.


  • Reverse Action Drum
  • Filter easy to access and clean
  • Auto-stop on preset programmes
  • Can be paused & door opened
  • Free 2-year Warranty
  • Available in black or white


  • "C" Rated Energy Efficiency
  • No countdown timer
  • Only 1 position for vent

Spanish-made Beko laundry appliances have become a lot more popular in the UK over the last few years. They are cheap, well built and liked by consumers. Their 7kg vented dryer is no exception!

I'm actually really surprised at how much you get here for the really low price.

Firstly, the DRT71 is a reverse spin dryer, and that's sure to please many people. It also has a "Anti-crease" setting.

beko 7kg vented dryer

This will give your clothes a few tumbles for up to 2 hours late in case you're late taking them out of the machine.

Beko has also added an "Auto Cool" feature, where cool air is blown into the machine at the end of your cycle. This means you won't have to wait to unload the dryer, and you can wear the clothes immediately if need be.

In addition to 8 drying programmes, you can manually adjust the time and heat on this model. You can expect a full-load to be dry in around 60 minutes. There is also a quick dry "Express 35" cycle, too.

At 66db, it's not the quietest on our list, but it's still o.k for a 7kg tumble dryer.

The filter is conveniently located just inside the door. It's easy to slide out and empty. There is also a light that comes on reminding you to do this, too.

This Beko tumble dryer does lose points in a few places.  

It is only graded "C" so it's not as energy-efficient as some models in 2022.  There isn't an alarm to let you know the cycle has finished (though the "Anti crease" feature stops the clothes from clumping together) and the door is not reversible - which is not good for lefties.

However, this is a well-made dryer that's cheap and easy to use. Simply twist the nob, press the on/off button and you're set.

If you shop around, you can get it for a real bargain price, too


  • Easy to use
  • Reverse-tumble action
  • Express 35  min quick cycle
  • Auto-cool function
  • Adjustable time & temperatures
  • Anti-crease function
  • Filter easy to clean


  • No alarm at end of cycle
  • Door not reversible
  • Only "C" Energy-Rated

White Knight is a manufacturer based in the UK which excels at making budget washing machines and dryers.

As you can see from the picture, this is a shiny black tumble dryer, which could make an ideal partner for your black washing machine.

This is another reverse action tumble dryer, though it has a few key differences to the similarly priced Beko model.

The big difference is at just 62db, this White Knight Dryer is considerably quieter. Which is surprising for the low price!

Compared to others on this list, this is a pretty slimline dryer. It's just 53cm deep, but that does leave it with a drum smaller than some people expect.

It is really easy to use with just two temperature settings ("low" and "high") and a timer that goes up to 140 minutes. However, some users have reported it takes just 35 minutes to do a full-load of clothes.

You also get a "cool down" tumble, which means you can take your clothes out straight away.

The door is reversible, so White Knight haven't forgotten their left-handed customers.

There is only one vent position at the rear, but a vent kit is included. Quite a few users have remarked on how easy it is to fit and install.

Like the majority on this list, it is rated "C" for Energy-Efficiency. The electricity costs can be off-set by the low buying price though.

And last but not least - it's made in Britain!


  • Low Price
  • Very Quiet
  • Reverse-tumble action
  • Cool down feature
  • Reversible door
  • Vent Kit included
  • Made in the UK


  • No alarm at end of cycle
  • Only 1-year warranty
  • Only "C" Energy-Rated

If you're searching for an economical dryer that's easy to use - this Indesit model is available for a great price.

It's worth addressing the safety aspects at the outset. These models were recalled (along with dozens of vented tumble dryers) prior to 2015.

Indesit have said they've made the necessary modifications and re-released this popular model.

Indesit 7kg vented dryer

I really like how easy the filter is to remove and clean.  This video from Indesit shows how to remove and clean the filter. As you can see, it's located at the bottom of the drum:

The other dryers on our list are all rated "C" for energy-consumption. This Indesit model is rated "B" and uses an estimated 472 kw/h per year. That works out at about 68 a year (using 14.4p kw/h). So it's very economical to run.

This model doesn't have load sensors. Instead, it has a timer which goes up to 120 minutes in 10-minute intervals. Some people prefer this as they feel it gives them more control.

There are 12 standard programs which include acrylics, synthetics and cotton. Another great thing about this dryer is you can open it up half-way through and add things (like socks which magically appear).

A venting kit is included and the hose is installed at the rear, in the bottom right-hand corner.

The only real drawback with the Indesit IDV75 is the door is not reversible. Also, the warranty is only for a year, but Indesit does provide a 10-years part warranty.


  • Low Price
  • Great Energy Efficiency
  • Anti-tangle tumbling
  • Can open door mid-cycle
  • Timer
  • Filter easy to remove & clean
  • Vent Kit included


  • Door not reversible
  • Only 1-year warranty

Our Pick

Our pick for the best 7kg vented tumble dryer is the Zanussi Lindo100.

It's super quiet, has a reverse action and is dead simple to use.  If you buy it online, you can get if for a great price, too.

Zanussi ZTE7101PZ 7Kg Vented Tumble Dryer - White
17 Reviews
Zanussi ZTE7101PZ 7Kg Vented Tumble Dryer - White
  • 7kg drum capacity
  • C energy rating
  • Vented tumble dryer

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